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Yanqul - Spell of charm


Yanqul is known for its natural beauty, heritage buildings and tourism landmarks. The word ‘Yanqul’ means connection, and the wilayat virtually connects three governorates. The wilayat is located in the eastern part of Al Dhahirah Governorate, overlooks some governorates from various destinations such as Al Buraimi and North Al Batinah.

Yanqul comprises several villages like Al Alo, Al Ganah, Al Madam, Al Sawader and notably Al Manjoreen.

The people of the wilayat are engaged in several traditional vocations such as cattle rearing and farming. The main crops cultivated in the area are dates, sugar cane and fruits .

People who love outdoor activities can enjoy the pleasant nature of Yanqul as its villages are known for its cold weather conditions. Villages of Baiha and Wadi Al Harem boast unique trees and also plants like pomegranates, guava and black pepper.

Noted aflaj such as Al Alaw, Baiha, Al Ayin, Al Sudairi and Al Aqul add to the wilayat’s charm and beauty.

One of the most renowned landmarks in Yanqul is the old market, which is close to the former administrative centre of the wilayat. People come to buy commodities of their choice from this market. There are also a number of towers, forts and archaeological sites.

In all, there are 16 towers and forts, and among them Bait Al Marah Fort is a major tourist attraction in Yanqul. In addition to the archaeological buildings, the ruins located on the top of Al Khatem mountain, are much sought after sites.

There are several mining areas, in addition to gold and silver exploration sites, particularly in Al Raki and Al Maiden.

Yanqul has witnessed implementation of several development projects, notably the first phase of the dualisation of 6 km Ibri-Yanqul road with a total cost of RO 5.5 million.

This project has reached advanced stages, and consists of two lanes on each side and provision for the drainage.

Work also continues on a project linking the Governorate of Al Dhahirah with the Governorate of Al Buraimi. It is Al Muri 30 km road in the Wilayat of Yanqul till Al Ain in the Wilayat of Dhank. The project is being carried out in accordance with global specifications, taking into account the nature and conditions of the areas and the road.

Al Waqbah, one of the eminent towns in Yanqul, is famous for its farms and green orchards

Al Waqbah is characterised by many natural sites, such as high peaks, caves, natural valleys, farms and pure water sources. The town is also famous for its aflaj.

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