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Five reasons why you should be heading to Wakan now


There are hundreds of reasons why Wakan should already have been on your radar by now. This small village tucked away in the Hajar Mountains near the famously known Jebel Akhdar may be quaint but its location of 2,000 metres above sea level makes it a mystifying and an awe to behold.

When you climb get to this part of the Sultanate, you will not only be enjoying a great view of Wadi Mistal, you will also be transported to almost a different time, where agriculture is the primary source of living and where the people have made something out of a mountain.

We compiled seven reasons why you should be heading to Wakan village the soonest time possible especially during this time of the year.

Perfect for day trip

At only a 150 kilometres away from Muscat, Wakan village is the perfect day trip, it’s a beautiful hike through the mountains and terraces and is also suitable for kids as there are gardens that the children can play and explore in. It is the perfect, relaxing getaway for a day or two as the place is serene and quiet and one can get lost amongst the rich greenery and picturesque scenery of the village.

Be one with nature

The hike through the village is the perfect opportunity to be one with nature. The walk is about 1.5 kilometres to and fro and is equal to climbing down 38 flights (2700 steps) of stairs. Although it may seem traitorous, taking your time and drinking enough water, it is completely do-able by anybody. There is also a hiking trail up into the mountains, this was the original route used by the locals to get from the village to Jebel Akhdar.

Cool temperature

The summers are known to be a comfortable temperature without getting too hot and the winters are also nice without getting too cold. This balanced temperature is the reason why the area is home to a variety of fauna that can only be found in this region. Some of the plants include pomegranates, apricots, grapes and some kinds of legumes.

Great view and cultural value

The steps are made from stones and wood from around the area keeping the feel of the area authentic. Along the side of the steps is the village’s falaj system that is still used to this day for irrigation, cooking and drinking by the locals.

At the top of the hike, there is an observatory which makes the walk worth the strain. You not only get a view of the whole village and its terrace gardens and plantations but also a view of the mountains in the distance as the clouds engulf them, a view that is truly worth the visit.

Experience the apricot bloom

The perfect time to visit Wakan village is from mid-May to the end of August, during this period all the plants in the area bear fruit and although it is unadvisable for visitors to pick the fruits of the trees, many locals sometimes offer the fresh produce to those visiting the area.

This is also the time when the apricot flowers are in full bloom. While Japan has their Sakura blossom, Oman has something just as close and just as beautiful. During this of the year, the little town turns into paradise as the white flowers are visible from miles away and butterflies flock to the area to feed of these rarely seen blooms.


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