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Developing a culture of reading AMoNG kids


Since its opening last week, the Muscat International Book Fair currently raging on at the Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre has already seen hundreds if not thousands of kids and students with many schools making it a must-stop for those under their care.

While there is a diverse option of books for adults to choose from, kids are also one of the primary focuses of this year’s fair which is why not only children’s books are on display, there are also large quantity of arts and crafts materials but other educational toys and mementos as well.

The Muscat International Bookfair is a great opportunity to not only take your kids along for a new experience, but the best time to buy them some books to read.

Reading is one of the most fundamental important skills children (and adults) need to succeed in school and in their future lives. But why do you need to encourage a culture of reading among kids?

1- Reading Expands Vocabulary

Reading is a great way to introduce your kids to new words and concepts, this not only widens their knowledge of words but also trains their brain to understand more. Learning new words at a young age is also known to develop better memory skills and abilities.

2- Widens imagination and understanding

Reading opens up a whole new world to the child, stimulation their imagination abilities and supports their problem solving skills, giving them an avenue to better understand their surroundings in a manner that makes sense to them most.

3- Makes you smarter

Stated by researchers, reading literally makes you smarter! Reading not only increases one’s intellect but it also helps young children compensate for modest levels of cognitive abilities.

4- Good Bonding Activity

Reading to your child not only helps them develop an interest in reading and widens their imagination, it is also the perfect activity at the end of the day to bond closely with your child. Bedtime reading is a good way to relax your mind, body and soul and ensure that you can have a good night’s sleep.


Whether it is fairy tales or stores of cars and puppies, reading gives the child a chance to not only lean new morals and good habits but also gain knowledge of science and history, but also learn the stories of great men and women along with different places and cultures from around the world.

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