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Hope as a ‘Fuel of Life’


Some books become like good friends that are hard to say goodbye to. Fuel of Life by Abdulaziz al Jahdhami is such a book. It tells us of the importance of hope and inspiration for living a life full of peace, joy, and love. Through a series of amazing, truthful and motivational articles, he convinces the readers that hope is a powerful fuel that enriches every human and the society of which he lives in.

“I consider it a small dose of hope that could be injected in the readers’ mind and heart mixed with little insights that might help them pave the way towards achieving their dreams and perhaps having a better future. All it promotes is the significance of believing in our dreams and ambitions while keeping hope always alive as it could bring miracles,” he said.

This compilation also advises us that recovery and success are possible through living in service of others.

“Hope is the last thing that mankind should lose or sacrifice even; without hope we all are just like machines! Life is just a series of moments. If you miss the moments, you miss your life”, says Abdulaziz.

While going through the pages of the book, what it reminded me of is the famous quote from Tim Costello, one of Australia’s best known community leaders, ““Essentially, I am a hopeful person who believes that life can and does have a way of giving us the impetus to keep going in hard times, and to keep working for what might otherwise seem like a ‘hopeless’ cause.”

According to Abdulaziz, inspiration is another powerful tool that helps us embrace hope to attain success. At the same time, it has never been an easy art to have or get your hands on even; only talented people can be inspiring and role models for others.

“Today, the world’s most successful people are renowned and regarded celebrities for different things. Some are famous for their unique skills and talents while others are distinguished for their courage and profound impact on society”, he writes.

The author touches upon His Majesty Sultan Qaboos to the late Sheikh Khalfan Al Esry.

The book highlights the optimistic and inspirational first speech of His Majesty after ascending to the throne, “My people, I will proceed as quickly as possible to transform your life into a prosperous one with a bright future.”

While touching upon the life of Al Esry, the author recollects a quote from his speech, “Youth are the backbone of today and the hope of future. My commitment is to educate youth, develop youth and lend a hand of support to youth. Youth of Oman we are with you with our hearts and bodies”.

Abdulaziz is currently following his career as a corporate communication professional, but treats creative writing as his everlasting passion. The 33-year-old Omani is also one of the famed columnists for Oman Daily Observer and his articles have wide reach of readers with a touch on various society-related issues.

He started writing for Oman Observer since he was an undergraduate at Sultan Qaboos University in 2006. He had also worked as an English teacher and with the Ministry of Education and full-time reporter with Observer group.

“It doesn’t matter who you are today; what matters is who you will be tomorrow. Just keep your hope alive and always believe in your dreams, they are all possible if you want to make them so! It’s only you who can make it or break it. You own the control button of your dreams”, Abdulaziz says.

All what you need is a dose of hope every morning and you will be fine!

Fuel of Life is available at the ongoing Muscat International Book Fair.

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