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Escaping to the sweet embrace of white Beach


If one talks about the best beaches in Oman, the gem of Al Sharqiyah Governorate located near the small village of Fins, White Beach, is definitely almost on any outdoor lover’s list. About two-hour drive from Muscat, it is a destination that is good for all family members since primarily, going there is easy and even access to the beach can be navigated by children on their own.

One proof of its popularity is the constant flow of locals and expats to the area, many of them spending a great deal of time setting up camp to enjoy not only the cool breeze it offers in the evening but the amazing sunrise and sunset view.

People, over the years, have also brought with them different beach activities from barbecue to beach volleyball, anything can be done here.

It is here that Oman Outdoor Adventure led by Ahmed al Jaabri found themselves this weekend. Searching for an easy spot to just chill out and relax, and with all members joining being men, there was no better place to go for them but this easy escape.

“Some say that spending a couple of days with close friends in the middle of nature is the best vacation someone can have. It’s definitely true. And not having to go through meticulous planning with everything being spontaneous, it’s a trip that any guy would enjoy having and such has been the case for us,” Al Jaabri said.

“We made the decision Thursday night and with an all men crew, we decided to check out White Beach since over the years, it really started to attract its own brand of fans. The plan was direct and simple, spend two night’s camp in White Beach located in Bimmah and then figure it out from there,” he said.

With them are their constant friends — reliable tents, foldable chairs, portable cooking equipment and utensils and a lot of pent up energy and stress which they have to let go after working long shifts.

“We were a group of 10 people. We reached White Beach at 8pm where everyone became busy setting up camp and preparing dinner. The weather was beautifully cold and the sky was clear. It was a perfect time for camping,” Al Jaabri shared.

“Camping is this one activity many really look forward to in summer.

There’s nothing quite like spending a night under a blanket of stars, sitting around a cozy campfire with good company. As the winter nears its end,” he said.

They were not the only temporary occupants there. There were several other campers who set up camp a few metres from where they set up theirs.

Pedro, one of Ahmed’s friends who joined the camp shared, “It is not every day that one sleeps in a tent and wakes up surrounded by creepy, crawling little neighbors. No matter where you camp, whether you are by the side of a lake or at the foot of a mountain, each area of wilderness has its distinct aroma that swiftly reminds you that this is not your bedroom.”

“I can never get enough of such amazing experiences,” he added.

The two-day camp was fun filled for the guys. Tea has become a part of the ritual. Prepared by tea master Munther, the team would eventually engage in different games and one which everyone seemed to enjoy very much is beach volleyball.

With White Beach in close proximity to Wadi Tiwi, eight members of the team also decided to go trekking hoping to catch a glimpse and then bathe in the inviting pools of the area.

“After finishing breakfast on the first day, we decided to visit Wadi Tiwi as it’s one of my favourite places when my mind searches for peace. I decided to spend half of my day at the wadi,” Al Jaabri shared.

“We’ve spent more than two hours exploring the wadi and we did have a great time swimming in the clean, green pools that made up the area,” he said.

By 1 pm, they were back in White Beach.

Ali Al Wahibi shared that going for camping to White Beach is a great way to experience nature and the outdoors. Even the trek they did to Wadi Tiwi provided a diversity to their activities and it was something he truly treasure.

“The thought of packing bags and bringing along camping gears easily gets my blood racing regardless of the time of year,” he said. White Beach was for him, a great spot to explore and just pass the time.


DIY Coffee Bags!

Instead of hassling with a variety of jars when trying to make a quick cuppa on the go, make your own coffee bags!

Place a scoop of coffee grounds into a coffee filter and tie it up with unflavored dental floss. When you’re ready to brew, just make it like you would make tea in a teabag!.

Natural Alternative to Mosquito Repellent

Mosquitoes and gnats are not only annoying with their constant buzzing, a few bites can ensure that you’re moment with nature is ruined with the constant itching! Avoid this by adding bundles of sage to a campfire to keep mosquitoes away.

Scavenger Hunt

for kids!

In today’s technology driven world and kids growing up with iPads and smart phones, the outdoors without internet and charging stations can be daunting.

Camping and the outdoors are the perfect place and time to remind your children that there is more to life than their gadgets.

Keep the kids busy with a fun (and usefull) game of scavenger hunting. Write the items down on a paper bag so they have a receptacle for the items.

Dress Comfortably

One thing to always remember that temperature can vary depending on where you are camping. In some mountain areas, there are seasons when temperature can drop and if dressed inappropriately, camping can become a terrible experience for you and your family.

If going to the beach, consider the breeze during nighttime. It’s more advisable to come prepared than be sorry. Don’t forget about protecting your feet as well so socks are of utmose importance.

Campfire cones!

The perfect campfire desert, lay out an arrangement for fruits, chocolates chips and marshmallows, let kids (and adults) fill their cones with treats of their choice.

Wrap the cones up in tin foil and chuck it on the grill or the campfire, melting the ingredients inside the cone, leaving you with an amazing hybrid smore.

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