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A unique spot in Musandam


Madha is one of the splendid wilayats in the Governorate of Musandam. A settlement of approximately 2,000 people, it is situated on a 75-hectare landlocked island of Oman, surrounded on all sides by the emirates of Sharjah, Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah. But inside the Madha settlement is yet another tiny settlement, the village of Nahwa. Madha is about 370 km away from the Governorate of Muscat, 40 km from Shinas, and it has 16 villages including the new Madha, Al Ghona and Saad.

The wilayat combines a fascinating nature, temperate climate and ancient civilisation that is evident from its forts and unique inscriptions. Unlike any other Omani wilayat, Madha borders the United Arab Emirates on four sides without overlooking the sea from any side. As a result, its people have taken up agriculture as their main occupation, which has led to its fragmentation and divisions of its unique aflaj. In fact, there are 24 aflaj in Madha including Falaj Saruj, Falaj Sodqo and A’daier.

The wilayat is also noted for flowing hot springs like Ain A’smai, Lashma and Hajer Bni Hamid, where the warm water with sulphur content has a healing effect on many people who have diseases.

Madha has a number of forts used as monitoring towers which include Fort of Al Ghona, Fort of Madha and Fort of Hajer Bni Hamid, that also have secret underground rooms.

Due to its mountainous location, people of Madha mainly work in agriculture and livestock breeding. Its main products are dates, fruits, citrus and vegetables. Madha is known for traditional industries, particularly for the production of articles such as ropes and mats made of palm fronds, in addition to sewing, embroidery and making of swords and agricultural tools.

Adherence to Islamic instructions and solidarity are the main characteristics of the people of the wilayat. Madha embraces the meaning of social solidarity.

The wilayat has richly benefited from government care and as a result enjoys various services and facilities including schools, health centre, water and electricity networks, telecommunication services and administration building of Madha’s club, dams, low-income social residences and public park.

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