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‘Taste of Iftar’ for non-Muslims


Ramadhan is not just about the constant struggle between ‘to eat or drink’ vs ‘not to eat/drink.’ Its higher purpose is to give everyone an opportunity to experience the facilities of life, to have better appreciation of the blessings of this material world by declaring total abstinence from all material pleasures and devoting more time in the thought of Almighty Allah.

It is also a time when people talk to others and get to know more about each other no matter what their backgrounds are. It is a time when humans interact with each other and embrace humanity to make the world a better place to live in.

Oman will witness such an earnest attempt being materialised at the Higher College of Technology in Al Khuwair on Monday where a massive 500 plus people of diverse backgrounds and ethnic origins would get together to understand what Ramadhan fasting is, and how friendliness and camaraderie are grown among the people.

The “Taste of Iftar” (breaking the fast at sunset), an annual event that is now on its fifth year and organised by One Nation Conference and Events LLC which takes place during the holy month will have people gather all at one place sharing thoughts and ideas as well as listen to a number of speeches, participate in different games and team-building activities and most importantly partake in the delivery of spiritual speeches.

Themed ‘Respect to Connect’, this year’s event follows the other topics of previous years, such as Coexistence, and Hope, and this year, there will be more young volunteers from a wide spectrum of sectors who are ready to help the society for a better tomorrow.

The team was inspired by the advice of Oman’s late scholar Khalfan al Yesri who had spent a good portion of his time streamlining the activities of the group for the benefits of the common public.

The event is a brainchild of a group of people like Al Khatib al Rashdi, Humaid al Shueili, Khalfan al Shueli, Salem al Rashdi, Fatma al Harrasi and Alia al Harthi

“It is not an event but a journey and it is all about sharing the joy of Ramadhan and flavours of Iftar where people from all areas would come under one roof and talk and understand each other.

“We aim at spreading the culture of volunteering as means to enhance human bonds and to build a better tomorrow,” said Al Khatib al Rashdi and Humaid al Shueili.

“The best way to understand each other is to come together and engage ourselves in meaningful conversations as well as participate in some team building exercises in the backdrop of Ramadhan fasting,” they added.

Coach Pim Verbeek, Manager of Oman national team will be the guest of honour while people from different walks of life are welcomed to participate and enjoy the rich cultural heritage of Oman.

“We believe that this is a great opportunity to network and make new friends while getting exposed to the spirit of Ramadhan,” he shared. Oman Arabic daily and Oman Daily Observer are the media sponsors of the event.

Events organisers would like for everyone to know: “Come for Interfaith Gathering. The Taste of Iftar will bring together non-Arabic speaking communities based in the Sultanate in a spiritual atmosphere along with their Omani friends with a view of disseminating messages of peace, tolerance and co-existence among different nations.”

Prior registration is required in order to participate in the event.

If interested to join the event, log on to and follow the registration process.

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