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Once a ‘City of Balconies’, Georgia is now a hotbed for tourists


The capital city of Georgia, Tbilisi, was once known as ‘a city of balconies’ for its vast range of houses fitted with these structures that overlooked busy streets and picturesque cityscape. These balconies are symbols of craftsmanship and heritage and today, have become integral part of the visitors’ experience in the country.

Built over the past century in a land that was formed by Mongolian, Armenian, and much of the Caucasus tenure, Tbilisi’s Old Town stands beside a more modern city. The houses in the Old Town were built in the 19th century as much of the city was destroyed after the Persian invasion of 1795.

“Most parts of this Old Town were restored by the Tbilisi government some ten years ago under the scheme called “New Life for Old Tbilisi.” The scheme aimed to restore and rehabilitateTbilisi’s historic districts and neighbourhoods,” Kate, the tourist guide appointed by Voyager Tour for our group shared.

We would learn that one of the meticulously made balconies, fully fitted with intricate design has made it to the United Nations List of Heritage Sites.

Blessed with beautiful nature, stunning waterfalls, intriguing mountains that turn white during winter due to snow, make Georgia and Tbilisi a hotbed of tourism. The Caspian Sea also contributes to the exponential number of tourists coming to the country from all over the world.

Nestled at the intersection of Europe and Asia, Georgia is a former Soviet republic that’s home to Caucasus Mountain villages and the Black Sea beaches. Its capital, Tbilisi, has also been known for the diverse architecture and mazelike, cobblestone streets of its old town.

Georgia’s tagline of being ‘a four-season destination country’ has become very popular in Oman in recent years. With its warm-hearted and hospitable people, its beautiful countryside and dramatic nightlife also added to its charm.

With the launching of direct flights by SalamAir on top of the visa-free entry for citizens and residents of Oman along with other GCC countries, the travel from Oman to Georgia has been significantly reduced by two to three hours. Those who are Oman who opts for a change of scene and a cooler climate can easily escape now without having to spend many hours of changing planes.

Mariam Kvrivishvili, General Director of Voyager, shared that making the direct flights possible has been a great journey when they started negotiation with SalamAir.

“We had huge support from the Embassy of Georgia in Oman with personal engagement and initiation of His Excellency George Janjgava. His contribution is immense and we are very grateful for such smooth cooperation between Public and private sector for making the bilateral relations stronger”, she said.

While the capital city is home to different attractions like Rustaveli Avenue and Freedom Square, Dry bridge, Simon Janashia Museum, Art Museum, Gabriadze Theater, the Holy Trinity Cathedral, Ethnographic Museum and Tbilisi Botanical Garden and Lisi Lake and Rike park, Mtskheta woos the visitors with UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Batumi, a coastal city that is home for beaches of Adjara, Sighnaghi features some amazing town streets, the Museum of Sighnaghi, and St. Stephen church. Additionally, Georgia is also a great escape for adventure loving tourists who love to ski, paraglide, heli-ski, speed-ride and snowboard and even mountaineering.

Gvantsa Murtskhvaladze, Head of Business Development for Voyager shared that not only is it easier for people of Oman to choose Georgia to be their destination, they can also now easily access all of the country’s treasures — from better climate, mountains, sea, spa resorts, pristine nature, culture, architecture, history, food, budget-friendly stay, and safety.

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