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Careless drivers the sore point at Wadi Darbat


Muscat, Aug 12 - What do you do if the traffic line is long? While traffic-abiding motorists wait for their turn, some try to cut through the line, endangering their lives as well as those around them. At Wadi Darbat, a tourist hotspot, there’s only one road with a single lane that can accommodate one car at a time. Such reckless behaviour is a cause of concern, especially for those travelling with families.

“There is hardly any space. Yet, these drivers are in a hurry, inconveniencing all others,” said Ali al Jaabri, who was stuck in traffic for more than 20 minutes. He had driven up the hill leading to the main viewing area of Wadi Darbat.

“Hundreds of people want to see this popular tourist spot. But one needs have patience,” he said.

Even as Al Jaabri was explaining his predicament, two more vehicles had caused a delay further down the road as they had cut through the line, creating a “choke point”, which held up the vehicles trying to exit the tourist spot.

“This is a narrow road, one side of which is a cliff. There’s a risk of people falling off the cliff,” said Rose, a weekend visitor.

“Imagine the plight of parents carrying children in the car. People should think about the safety of others as well,” she noted.

A Royal Oman Police (ROP) official said skipping one-side queues too is punishable by law.

“Police can impound vehicles, detain the driver and file a case against him,” he said.

Report such behaviour (mention car registration number) to the authorities so that appropriate action can be taken against the erring drivers, he said.

Wadi Darbat is a hub of activity during weekends, as well as weekdays, during the Khareef season. The green mountains serving as a backdrop to a cascading waterfall stir so much interest, making it one of the must-see destinations in the Dhofar Governorate.

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