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Target groups to get second dose of vaccine


The second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine will be administered to the target groups from Sunday, said the Ministry of Health.

“In line with the schedule for the implementation of the national campaign for immunisation against COVID-19, the second dose of the vaccine targeting the same target groups receiving the first dose in the past weeks, is scheduled to begin on Sunday. The first dose of the vaccine was administered to 24,204 people as of January 15.”

The first phase witnessed a good turnout by the target groups, achieving the desired coverage as planned. That was the result of the significant efforts made by stakeholders at the central level and in various governorates to overcome challenges at the level of planning and implementation on the field.

Speaking at a press conference on Thursday, the Minister of Health said: “Though Pfizer vaccine poses logistical challenges including storage, Oman has the capability to maintain it and eventually distribute it to various governorates.”

He added, “I have received the first dose of the vaccine and have not experienced any side effects.” “Unfortunately, the virus is still around us and many countries are now affected by a third wave and reaching its peak and thus leading to a great number of new cases’’, the minister added.

After the completion of the second dose, the ministry will continue with the first phase of the campaign as per schedule. The ministry will update and announce the target groups and the timetable for vaccination through the media channels.

The Ministry of Health praised the efforts exerted and the societal response to the first phase of vaccination campaign against COVID-19, underscoring the importance of following up the vaccination process and the continuation of hard-work for the success of the campaign which, the ministry says, will be achieved only by raising public awareness about the importance of vaccination and enabling the targeted groups to access immunisation.

The Ministry of Health urged the public to ignore the rumours and to receive information only from the official sources.


There is no permission yet to vaccinate children under 16 years of age, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. “We affirm that vaccination is not compulsory but rather optional,” the Ministry of Health said.

The most important thing to emphasise to ensure that the immunisation process proceeds successfully during this phase is the need to get the second dose of the vaccine on time in order to obtain the desired effect.

The targeted person has to bring his/her immunisation card for the second dose data to be entered in the same file. The targeted person will be reminded of the second dose by a text message.

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