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Spotlight: Let the good deeds flow smoothly



Many feel lazy or restricted this year for not doing the good that they used to in Ramadhan due to the prevailing Covid-19 conditions in the whole world. But the people who do good should know that ‘greater the challenge, greater the blessing. There are several innovative ways to help you do good. It is possible by ensuring your safety and the safety of those you help so that the good work does not stop and continues despite the obstacle that has come in the form of pandemic.

Think about daily workers from your surroundings who could be affected by coronavirus, try to help the elderly, even by shopping for them, so that they do not have to go out in these circumstances, ask about families whose bread earners have lost jobs, and try to meet their needs.

You can also think of pets in the streets, whose food supply has been affected after the movement of people has been reduced, and restaurants have closed their doors. Put some food and water in a suitable place to fill their hunger and quench their thirst.

On a broader scale, you can communicate with charitable societies in the country that help needy families.

Alya Ali, a member of a charitable association, says, “In the implementation of the precautionary measures against the outbreak of Covid-19, we decided to pack and deliver iftar and suhoor food to the poor and needy right up to their homes or the places they live”.

She added, “Feasts were organised annually in Ramadhan until coronavirus appeared. We decided to do something different as per the demand of the situation. Teams were formed. One team brings ready meals, while another distributes them to low-income families.”

Some people take up volunteer activities during the month of goodness. Many young people volunteer to distribute charitable foodstuff bags and give zakat money to widows, divorced women and deserving families affected by the crisis.

“The reward increases during Ramadhan, so investing time in helping the needy and seeing smile on their faces is better than wasting it at home doing nothing’’, Ibrahim al Majini, who works as a volunteer, said.

Amina al Wahaibi, another volunteer, said: “Volunteering has taught me to love others, altruism, developing the spirit of cooperation and teamwork among members of all segments of the society. In the beginning, I was somewhat overwhelmed by the feeling of fear, as I also did not want to get infected and infect my family members with the Covid-19 virus. That is why we are doing our work with full commitment to all preventive measures against the virus, like washing hands, wearing masks and sterilising bags.”

Besides, some shopkeepers have set up ‘charity corner’ in their stores so that buyers can donate a portion of any stuff they buy in the store and put it in the designated corner. Thus the needy can take whatever they want from this corner for free.

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