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‘Colourful Novels’ – artists with a message


Eight artists came together to celebrate Omani Women’s Day titled ‘Colourful Novels’ held at Scientific College of Design.

According to Tahira Fida, the organizer of the exhibition, the reason for the title of the week long exhibition was because all the artists compose stories through their paintings, but they are not written instead they are visual stories.

The exhibition has been held at Scientific College of Design which is currently promoting art and artists.

“The College is developing this platform where students can mingle with professional artists, so the students can also progress in their career.  They can see a better vision for their future,” said Tahira Fida, artist and exhibitor.

The artists Hessa Kala from Qatar, Fawzia Hayyat and Noora Alabdul al Hadi from Kuwait, Zaahira Muthy from Mauritius but based in UAE, Maryam al Wahibi, Hana Sadiq, Raya al Maskry and Tahira Fida from Oman brought together a message to convey to the young generation.

Each of the artist depicted their unique style, palette and composition.  “This is because we want the students and the society how each lady is able to express herself in her own way, style and technique,” noted Tahira.

And this what they want to convey to the young girls and the young generation in general – "Please do not hesitate to take a profession that you have passion for because many young ladies now feel that if they take any art field for their qualification they may not secure a job.  If you see some of the prosperous and successful people in the world are fashion designers, makeup artists and photographers by profession.  One has to realize that following your passion allows you to create more and work harder simply because you love it,” explained Tahira the organizer who also has had eight of her paintings using mixed media exhibited.  They are selected from her new vibrant summer collection named 'Loving Bouquet'.

According to her, next year’s exhibition could feature more international artists, “People need to see how women talk around the world.  And this is especially important for students.  The female interpretation is very important to open the eye of the new generation – especially the girls.  The day we were arranging the display, the students were glued to the paintings and not all the paintings were up yet then.  They have had questions and discussions.  It has been an experience for them to connect theory with practice.”


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