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The World in Faces


Liju Cherian -
Pictures by Nuno Lobito -

HIS pictures speak for themselves and he breathes photography.

Nuno Lobito, the world famous Portuguese travel photographer, is now in Oman. Having travelled 204 countries so far, he is one of the world’s most widely travelled photographers.

Having dedicated his entire life for travelling, photo-reporting and collecting human experiences, Nuno is in Oman to provide tips to amateur, budding photographers and plans to set up his studio at Al Mabela.

His best friend Adil al Zadjali invited him to visit Oman to teach photography and launch his studio. Two months after landing in the Sultanate, Nuno seems to enjoy the climate and getting to meet Omanis and local residents here. His primary mission is to teach photography, hold workshops among students, begin work on the studio and also come out with a book about Oman.

Nuno says he likes the Omanis here and his main focus has always been people. “I don’t like huge buildings like hotels or nature maybe. I like photography of people, because it is through people you bring out the feelings…”

He specialises in portraiture, capturing peoples’ moods and expressions and typically the face is the focus. This is amply demonstrated in the pictures which he captured in his many outstanding books of people and their faces.

A photography expert says that in Nuno’s pictures his eyes and camera merge in order to get that visual imagery. “This is difficult to achieve, is indispensable and fascinating, that accomplishes his work.” A passionate photographer, he finally comes out with excellent pictures.

Nuno’s teaching, talks and travels are related to photography.

He dreamt photography since childhood. This came true when he began his journey at ArCo where he studied photography and later as a professional photographer, for the Portuguese newspaper, DN. However, he always felt unfulfilled.

Later, he worked in advertising, which offered him great human experiences and accounted for professional enrichment, although the recollection of those days still reveals a mismatch between his ideals and the ones that must guide professionals.

It was then that he left to discover the world to find out what really interested him and what would actually fit his profile.

Nuno spent the 1980’s and 90’s travelling around and has travelled almost all countries including South Sudan. This achievement got him a top position in the table of the most travelled of the world, according to the site ‘The Best Travelled.’ He has also bagged several prestigious awards from different organisations around the world.

However, the most significant experiences that marked him was living among indigenous tribes and photographing in the middle of a war scenario. Other fond experiences include visiting the Dalai Lama, or sleeping inside the Amazon rainforest, tasting the magic of Machu Picchu and feeling the peace of Laos. Tibet, Laos, Vanuatu, India and the Amazon were the places that have awed him the most.

The Amazon rainforest was, perhaps, the most interesting which he visited up to now. From that rich experience emerged his photography book, The Hidden Amazon and summary of his odyssey at the Amazon end in the book’s last pages.

As Nuno puts it finally, ‘a good photographer needs to be 50 per cent technical, 30 per cent willing to take risk of capturing photos of the people and probably 20 per cent comes from freezing the moment.’

As a parting shot, his advice to budding photographers is control the techniques, attend workshops and fine tune your skills.

  • Nuno is holding his first travel photography workshop in Muscat on January 17, Thursday, from 6 pm to 8 pm.

    This is an event hosted by Friday Shoot Out (FSO) and those interested to attend can contact Nuno on 98202685 or Abdul Azeez on 99522125.

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