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4 underrated beaches in Al Sharqiya



If you’ve tried booking a tour through travel agencies to explore the Al Sharqiya Governorate, it will be no surprise that they’d give you the usual destinations a lot have seen and been to by now.

It’s no surprise that they’d recommend the frequently visited sites: Wadi Shab, Wadi Bani Khalid, Ras al Hadd and the very popular Ras al Jinns, even Rimal al Sharqiya.

It makes you wonder however if there’s anything in between or good alternatives for these tourist traps. If you tried visiting these sites during national holidays, you’d get flustered by all the people who line up in traffic just to find their small little corners and to enjoy a great outdoor adventure.

“The mistake is to think that there is nothing more to see. This is Oman after all and adventurous spirits are usually rewarded well,” shared Oman Outdoor Adventure head and local traveller Ahmed al Jaabri.

“When you go to travel agencies, they would often recommend the established destinations which is why a lot of foreign travellers these days are opting and getting local guides or joining local travel interest groups,” he added.

“These interest groups and local guides provide some deeper insights into new destinations making the trip even more interesting and rewarding. It’s fun finding new places to discover,” he said.

While the mentioned destinations will remain to be the top destinations this year, here are some alternative attractions that you should definitely see this 2019.

The Hidden Beach of Shiyah
Located barely 30 minutes from Sur, the hidden beach of Shiyah will definitely take your breath away. A pocket beach, when you stand on the cliff where it is hidden, you will be welcomed by a site so beautiful you’d definitely hold your breath just to take it all in. The only way to access the beach is by passing through concrete stairs that lead to the beach area. Barely 1000sqm in size, it has everything you need for a great camp — emerald green water, white, powdery beach, and plenty of fishes for fishing. The fact that not a lot of people know this place yet is an added advantage.

The Pebble Beach of Tiwi

It’s a long stretch of pure nature symphony — the thunderous crashing of the waves on the beach, the gentle murmur of rolling pebbles towards the water, the sweet whisper of the breeze all echoed and magnified by caves. This is what makes the pebble beach located a few kilometres from Wadi Tiwi an outdoor lover’s favourite. Instead of sand, your feet are caressed by smooth, often circular or oval stones. You can set up your tent from inside shallow caves and you can jump into the water at any time. While the water may be too cold during the winter, a night camp here in the summer is the perfect escape from the city.

The Scenic Cliffs of Al Kabah

“This doesn’t feel like Oman,” perhaps is the collective reaction of everyone who sees this place. Facing the Arabian Sea, the waves are bigger and the view of the infinite sea makes up for a very good photograph. While one corner would remind you of the beautiful cliffs of Ireland or New Zealand, this has proven to become a favourite stop amongst budding avian photographers. The cold wind, the inviting beach area at the bottom of the cliff, and the scary yet beautiful view make Al Kabah an ideal place to while an afternoon away.

The Pocket Beaches before Ras Al Hadd

Make a wrong turn to the right between Sur and Ras al Hadd and in one way or another, it will bring you to a pocket beach that serves as fishermen’s lair. While most of the pocket beaches don’t have names in this area (or perhaps we just have to do a little more digging), there are several of them lining along this area that is truly Instagram-worthy. The one thing about Oman and Al Sharqiya to be specific are that there is still a lot of unknown that the locals had been hiding. If you have a good four-wheel drive and armed with the spirit of a curious explorer, don’t be afraid to take the wrong turn and your curiosity will definitely be rewarded.

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