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The power of the teacher's expectation


Ishan’s film is the most inspiring one I have ever seen. His film made a huge din all over the world. He is an eight years old boy who thought to be a lazy trouble-maker. He struggles a lot in his life, starting with failing to tidy his bed to the difficulty of sorting the scattered letters.

However, did Ishan expect himself to succeed one day? Did he believe that he would achieve his dream and make it a reality?

Most of Ishan’s teachers never expect him to reach the success that every child dream of which result in his personality that was unable to improve forward. When his art teacher realized that he could be a successful boy, he grants him the feel of ability.

Ishan’s teacher reminds me of the magnificent power of the teachers’ expectations. Teachers have a tremendous responsibility. They -- in a simple word or even gestures -- can make a child’s day terrific or miserable.

What astonished me about students is that they are smart enough to know what their teachers expect from them. Do they expect them to be able to do that task or not? Weinstein once said in 2002 “ research shows that students know that they are treated differently and that teachers have a high expectations of some than others”.

So, be fully aware of this efficient power because you have a choice to lead or mislead your student’s life.

I am a normal teacher-to-be just like anyone. I learn a lot form my students and there is one lesson that I want to share with you “ please never lower the expectations of your students, don’t underestimate their abilities and even don’t think to distinguish between them”.

Believe me, if you tell your little brother that he will not be able to walk, no surprise if he couldn’t because he believes on you and measures that to your students.

Behind Ishan’s success, there was a great teacher who gave him a feeling that he could and it really became real. So, you and I are not really different from his teacher. We also have the power to raise the expectations towards them and touch success.

Your students are in  your hands and you have the magic stick to raise them up. It depends on you if you want them to be successful, I guarantee that all students will be on the top because you simply set high expectations to every one of them and no doubt that they strongly affected with your perspective towards them. So, I am telling you now “you should never lower the expectations of your students”.

Text by Nawal al Abria

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