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Birkat al Mouz offers many unique experiences


They are from two different countries who met in Nizwa because of their teaching profession, but what they found in Birkat Al Mouz made their stay in Oman something to remember forever.

Olga Chernyshova is from Ukraine and Magdelina Formicka-Starzec is from Poland, and today date palms and Jabal Al Akhdar roses are features of Olga’s garden and for Magdelina it is the mountains of Barkat Al Mouz that defines the special memories. They have built bonds of friendship with people and the land of Oman has inspired them to explore the various locations.

“Let us take a walk through the oasis and then you will get to see the big wall,” said Olga. “Have you seen the wall before?” asked Magdalena.

The wall has steps that can take you to its top and underneath there are arches that let you walk through the oasis.

What they are excited about is also the ruins of Barkat Al Mouz and the various heritage projects that are coming about.

“While sitting here looking at the ruins, we are looking at Oman’s history, architecture through these remains of the previous centuries. This was not made for tourists instead it is part of the natural setting,” Magdalena said looking at Harat Al Siybani.

“Mountain biking is amazing here – challenging and exciting,” she added.

The Bayt Ar Rudayda, Al Yaaribah Mosque, Al Walja walled plantation, Al Jazeera walled plantation, Al Bait Al Hadeeth and Falaj Al Khatmain are all in the itinerary list of the visitors to Barkat al Mouz.

According to Magdalena, there is one feature that amazes her each time she sees it, “I am amazed at the mountains – Jabal Al Akhdhar and the mountains here are wonderful. Every day they are different especially in the morning with different lighting and in the afternoon they have a different look. They are great for hiking and you can also cycle if you have good mountain bikes and this is what we do each day when we have free time.

For Olga, it is the falaj that is fascinating.

“While cycling with my friend we came across the falaj and we realised there is another Falaj for women. We were the only visitors and we made it a cosy place and went there every day. In my country, we would have to pay a lot of money to experience this facility – fresh water coming from the mountains for free. I would recommend it for everyone as it is great for the body, mind and soul.”

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