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“The Songs of the Sun” shines on the details of life


The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth is organizing a virtual art exhibition titled (Songs of the Sun) for the Omani artist Musa Omar today, Monday, February 15th.

The works of the artist will be displayed in a virtual hall via the electronic link that will be published on the Instagram platform of the Omani Society of Fine Arts: @osfagovoman.

The artist Musa Omar is considered as one of the most prominent Omani artists in the local, regional and international levels. He has many artistic contributions and has several solo and joint exhibitions, presenting artistic workshops. He has won many prizes at the local and international level, where he held more than fifteen solo art exhibitions in the Sultanate, Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar, Abu Dhabi and Germany.

He also exhibited his works in many joint exhibitions in the Gulf states, Arab countries, and countries of the world, and held various exhibitions in several European countries and the United States of America, Mexico, Turkey, Iraq, Pakistan, India, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Taiwan, Lebanon, Australia, South Korea, Egypt, Japan, Jordan, Syria, Bangladesh, China, Hungary, and recently participated in many virtual exhibitions during Covid-19 pandemic in Egypt, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

This exhibition includes 20 different artworks using acrylic colours with various materials and different sizes.

Artist Musa Omar expresses his personal exhibition saying, “The sun rises and life awakens in the arteries of the earth; a scene that is repeated every morning, where the light shines with into the details of the objects and elements ... I open the window and the colourful songs flow around the studio, which was not exhausted by the long journey that I took from the depth of the galaxy. Each one of these songs carries to me every morning a new artistic idea that pushes me to celebrate the universe and life.

In this new artistic experience - which I see emanating from the same sources as my previous experience, “Dream Shirt” - I see me captivated by the tremendous potential of a burlap material that I could employ in various contexts. From burlap strings, I will weave my songs of the sun, and from those strings, I will depict how objects and elements celebrate the warmth and colours of the sun. “

Speaking about the enormous experience of Musa, the artist Hamad Al-Jabri said, “Musa Omar is one of the Omani artists who have a prominent presence in artistic events and, whether at the local or the international levels, so we find him renewing his experience from one era to another, to find his Art way through the idea and its methods of performance. He works on different materials, especially burlap, acrylic colours, etc.

The form and content coalesce through the rich and open colour spaces in his works, intensifying symbolic language to suggest successive periods, and it shows the human side and the intellectual and emotional conflicts in the vocabulary of the work of art that are interconnected with each other in a continuous formation that symbolizes the permanence of life.

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