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Bringing the ‘light and life’ of Oman to Mexico


As an artist, Saud al Hunani takes pride in representing Oman to any international event. To be able to showcase the Sultanate’s originality and authenticity and to shed light to its customs and traditions for him is something any artist should truly feel honoured to do.

Within this vein, Saud travelled all the way to Mexico to take part in SINERGIA — the first international painting exhibiting and artist encounter held in CETYS University in Mexico.

At the regional level, the exhibition promotes access to art and culture while at the institutional level, it is an opportunity to create an impact in the lives of the members of the academic community through art.

Saud has studied art in Spain, Italy and the USA, graduating with a Master’s degree in Art from Central Warrington University. At present, he is a completing his doctorate degree in Fine Arts (History of Art) at the University of Lincoln in the United Kingdom. He has been awarded many prizes locally and internationally, the most prestigious of which was His Majesty Sultan Qaboos’ prize.

Specializing in oil and mixed media, Saud has a unique method of painting. He also works with calligraphy, photography and sculpture. In addition, this artist is an accomplished musician. In painting, his inspiration comes from powerful Renaissance realists like Rembrandt, and modern masters of sensuality like Salvador Dali.

Saud’s art reflects his lifestyle. He focuses mainly on themes related to humanity, freedom and peace. The term “Magic Realism” has been used to refer to his paintings. At first glance, his landscape paintings may seem like basic compositions simply reflecting his Omani heritage. On further examination, the paintings are like a magic carpet filled with illusions as of the unending surprises and flawless energy of this wizard are unveiled. His multi-dimensional compositions reveal new secrets each time. Everyday objects are painted with emotion and sensuality that makes them seem animated on canvas,

With rich colours more lustrous than life, and through provocative interplays of light and perspective, Saud recreates the many shades and nuances of light. The simplest of the earth’s treasures are drastically altered as the quality and variety of the light varies. The inner soul of Saud sl Hunani‘s Art is expressed in his phrase: “Light is life - and life is light.”

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