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Oman-based author launching haunting WWII themed book in Oman soon


Oman-based author Partha Banerjee has exciting news. His book Nitza, the first printed under his name is coming to Oman soon and residents will have an opportunity to understand why it is being lauded by critics and bibliophiles alike from all over the world.

A telecom engineer for a leading telecommunications company in Oman, Banerjee shared that the hard work finally paid off after so many trials and errors in his journey as a published author.

“This is my first novel ever after several tries and pitching into various magazines and it has been receiving rave reviews from different countries so far,” he said.

“We will have a formal launch here in Oman soon,” and he is excited for what is install for his readers.

Set in Poland during the Second World War, the book is rich with different characters coming from different backgrounds. Banerjee has explored the different experiences of Polish, German, Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Indian, with mention of the Soviets characters in the book. The protagonist named Subhojit is from West Bengal and is intrigued by WWII chased literature, film or any material that led to the knowledge of the War.

“There are books which give you pleasure. There are books which give you pain. Then, there are a handful of books which give you excruciating pain, to culminate in a redemptive pleasure,” shared Jayanta Ray of Footprints about the book.

Banerjee has adopted a dual narrative style running parallel to each other. While first-time authors will normally have trouble navigating the complexities of historical narrative, Banerjee has handled the whole episode carefully that even an acclaimed writer would be wowed at the style of the narrative and the way series of events are encapsulated.

“The narration is so vivid that one can almost feel it happening right in front of eyes, so real that you can almost grab a fistful of it all and keep it in your heart. It definitely paints a canvas with words which isn’t an easy task to do, but you do it

flawlessly,” said Devpria Kanji, another writer and a graduate student who was ‘haunted’ by the series of events in Nitza.

The nearly 200-page paperback has evoked rave reviews that it has been enlisted in the National Library of Kolkata — not an easy feat for an expat author.

‘Nitza’ is distributed by Borders and Al Bhaj in Oman.

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