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Cirque du Soleil: Where the Excitement Never Ends


Take a truckload of youthful exuberance, a ton of talent, endless beauty, limitless colour, boundless energy, a dash of magic, a pinch of passion, and some extraordinary vision, innovation, and imagination, and what do you get? Cirque du Soleil, that’s what!

Organised by Alchemy Project and a sensory extravaganza that just keeps on giving, Cirque du Soleil’s debut show in Muscat, under the big top at the Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre was a riot! It was the best kids party ever, the best of teenage madness, the best family entertainment you are ever likely to experience, and “oh my,” from start to finish it captured and captivated a sell-out crowd, culminating in a standing ovation after two hours of non-stop action.

The colour and the costumes are outlandish and bold during this frantic fun frolic. The music gets in your head, the movement drags you from one amazing performance to another, your feet start tapping without you thinking about it, you clap and cheer because you must, because you need to. You want every one of the artistes to hear your wonder and amazement, as... It... just... never... stops!

Dancers who move with grace and style, become performers with superhuman strength, and then become dancers again, as graceful as swans, then in a flash, the music takes you to another, futuristic world, where the insistent music batters your senses, and you happily, joyfully, go along for the ride. It is just one brilliant, fantastic scene after another, that will leave you breathless.

Without giving too much away, there are two ‘stories,’ or themes throughout the show, played out through the ringmaster figure known as ‘The Maestro,’ who is, and has, a character you can enjoy, a sort of Dr Seuss/Mr Bean hybrid, but you will feel for, and quickly develop an empathy for his ‘junior,’ sidekick, as he pursues unrequited love throughout in the form of a wonderfully multi-talented artiste who indeed proves to be one-out-of-the-box!

Kids don’t try this at home might be Mums and Dad’s message after watching what a bikerobat did with what looked like an ordinary two-wheeler, and what three astounding acrobats did with a see-saw ‘sacre bleu!’ The slackline performer was ‘formidable!’ The roller-skating duo suspended belief with their acrobatic display of strength, confidence and trust in each other. You would never believe ‘Bazaar’ is their first show for this exalted company.

‘Mallakhamb’ may not be a name that rolls off the tongue, but Cirque demonstrated its innovation and diversity by including this traditional Indian form of what I was going to call pole-dancing, but honestly, what this gotta be pole-wrestling performer did with a 4-metre Seesham Rosewood pole, you would not believe!

The rope dancer was awe-inspiring, and you will, I’m sure, never ever see a trapeze act as this event has brought you, it’s like a symphony of dance, beautiful, graceful, elegant, with dexterity and strength you can only appreciate and believe if you are there, trust me.

The circus, as recently popularized by The Greatest Showman, has awakened a generation to the awe and mystique of the ‘big top’ circus tent, but a circus without animals maybe seemed a step too far. Cirque has indeed batted that ball “out of the park!”

The ability to make us laugh, enjoy, and live in their whimsical world makes Cirque du Soleil special. Get you and yours to their next performance, because who knows, once in a lifetime may not be enough?

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