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Six light activities to try to diversify Ramadhan routine


There are a few changes that happen during Ramadhan. Timing hours for business operations become shorter but despite this, the hours seem to feel longer probably because many are fasting. People are also unable to do rigorous activities as they used to do and it’s easy to fall into a habit of not doing anything and then submitting to a sedentary lifestyle which does not help in any way on your health or well-being.

While taking care of your spiritual well-being is important, it is also just as important to keep your physical form in great shape.

Here are a few light activities you can try over the course of the next two weeks to break the monotony of your days during Ramadhan.

Go for a light walk.

While hours may be shorter, any physical activity you can do contributes to your physical health. Walking for about 30 minutes everyday help increase your cardiovascular fitness, boost your endurance and muscle power and also strengthen your bones while helping reduce fat. The Sultanate is blessed with so many locations ideal for good short walks. The Muttrah Sea Road, Shatti Sea Road, and different parks across the country will be ideal locations to do this. Since you don’t require any special equipment, you can do this quickly and with anyone even kids.

Bond with the family at a night camp.

Every once in a while, you would see families breaking their fast by the beach. They would pack their meals and bring along carpets or mats and they would be set to spend a great, enjoyable time together by the beach. While camping may be a challenge for couples with children, it doesn’t mean that you can deny them the experience. Considering that you would have to start early the next day for the tahajud prayer and suhoor, you can do a camp until 11 or midnight and head home for the kids to rest the rest of the time. The time may be short but it’s a great way of adding a meaningful activity to your day.

Hunt for great bargains.

Want a new car? Do it during Ramadhan. Want to buy jewellery or fitness programmes? Ramadhan season got you covered. Ask anyone when is the best time to get great bargains and many will answer that it is during Ramadhan. As a season of giving, many companies are offering not only great discounts but promotions as well. The prices drop significantly that you can buy new clothes twice less than the original price. Don’t forget to head out to souqs and buy locally made items. Even furniture and home appliances can be found at a lesser price and within your budget. Just know where to look.

Learn a new hobby.

If you haven’t tried bowling yet, then you definitely owe your bowling arena a visit. This activity can be apt for the whole family and it will provide everyone with the kind of entertainment and physical activity that will get you sweating. Enrol your kids on some Ramadhan programmes too — whether its painting, adopting a plant or ice skating, this can be a shared experience for both young ones and young once.

Learn to cook iftar favourites.

Have you tried hunting for a good iftar place? If you did, you would have probably come across live stations were chefs demonstrate how the food is prepared. From Asian favourites to Middle Eastern specialities etc, it is the best time to have a one on one with the chef and get a few pointers of how to best prepare your favourite dish. The key usually is asking the right question and finding the right place. If you can’t find a chef to demonstrate it for you, don’t forget to follow Oman Observer across our social media platform for our Cook Like A Chef videos.

Join in on local activities.

If you are an expat in Oman, chances are you have definitely secured an invite from one of your Omani friends to join them for a home-prepared iftar. Grab the chance to learn something new about the culture. Any meal is the perfect opportunity to ask questions about their practices and traditions. Some local groups within Oman also organise evening hikes where like-minded people come together to explore beautiful night destinations. You can also try other activities like night kayak, night swimming or if you want something even chiller, visit one of the local art galleries and see Oman and the world from their perspective.

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