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Drink plain water


Muscat, June 12 - Keeping hydrated is the key factor in staying safe in high summer temperatures, but using the right fluids is what matters the most, say experts. According to Dr Mary Anne Roberta, drinking plain pure water is the best way to remain hydrated. “One must stay away from diuretics and that means one has to stay away from coffees, teas and sweet soda water. They keep the body away from essential fluids. Sugary drinks have direct impact on kidneys. So pure water is the best but you can add lemon to water,” Dr Mary, Natural Wellness Healer, explained.

However, there is one fruit that is ideal, which is also abundant during the summer season.

“A fruit juice that can balance the electrolytes in the body is watermelon juice. Watermelon juice can replenish the electrolytes that are lost when we sweat,” she said. According to Dr Mary, “If a person suffers a sudden onset of diarrhea, that is also a sign that the body is asking for more hydration and fluids. So one must keep hydrating. It is not that one should drink a large amount of water, instead what one must to do is to sip water frequently whether thirsty or not.” People also suffer from sun burn and heat rash after being outdoors.

Dr Mary Anne recommends watermelon as well as yoghurt. “Apply yoghurt on the affected area and leave it there for about 15 to 20 minutes and wash it off afterwards.” Dr Yusuf Mullah, Ministry of Health, stressed and also explained why it is better to go easy on sugary soda and full-strength fruit juice “The sugary juices should be avoided since they slow the passage of water from the digestive system to the bloodstream. On other hand, we should not rely on caffeinated beverages for instance for fluid because they can cause or amplify dehydration,” he said.

Also, it will be nice if you stick with smaller meals that do not overload the stomach. Cold soups, salads and fruits can give you extra fluid. Babies and children overheat and dehydrate quickly in hot weather, said Dr Mullah. “Offer older babies and children extra drinks in hot weather, and the best drink is water. Keep in mind that some prescribed medications can increase the risk of heat-related illness. Also, some medications can be less effective or more toxic when exposed to and stored in high temperatures. Most medications need to be stored below 25°C or in the fridge if indicated!” he noted. What can also come handy according to Dr Mary Anne is used green tea bags. “Used green tea bags should be put in the refrigerator and not thrown away. When one is very warm, put the head back and place two green tea bags over the eyes. It cools the over-heated head,” she said.

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