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A cultural heritage with better prospects


Every passing day, Omani-Japanese relationship is getting more and more important at all levels, from political and economic spheres to social and cultural arena. These ties were established over a passage of many years.

During this period, there has always been close bilateral relationships and cooperation in all areas. This became possible due to the highly realistic and logical political visions the leadership of the two countries displayed while dealing with bilateral, regional and international developments.

Both the countries focus their efforts on achieving the objective of better life for the entire humanity. With this goal in mind, they strengthen and consolidate international values and principles as it has been the legacy of the two ancient countries and the two civilisations. This requires better utilisation of their relations, more stimulation of areas of investment and opening up more avenues of cooperation between the two friendly countries.

At the political level, both countries enjoy the respect of the countries of the world for adopting a balanced and neutral policy based on mutual respect and non-interference in the internal affairs of others and advocating good causes in the world. These common political denominators are coupled with the two countries’ contributions to the efforts for peace and stability in the Middle East and the world. This is due to their policies; they are consulted on many world issues which have implications on the people of the two friendly nations.

The two countries’ respect for international covenants, treaties and agreements has earned them international appreciation. This was also recognised by many countries of the world at various international forums.

Oman and Japan have used their positive political relations to defuse many of the conflicts flared up in the region and the world. This is because of their strong faith in the importance of achievement of global peace and security. The two countries are constantly striving to calm down spots of tension. They prefer that the opposing parties use language of dialogue, regardless of how tricky the problems are.

Oman and Japan have adopted principles of peace in their relations with the countries of the world. They are of the firm view that it is important to spread peace between nations and peoples.

Japan found in Oman a country which has a genuine long-standing historical legacy of serving human relations and its ancient civilisational connections. This is its historical legacy on which its relations with countries are based. It speaks the language of cultural relationship and has rightful positions on the world issues. This close approach

of the two countries have helped in strengthening and consolidation of relations between them.

The relations between the two countries have been strengthened over the past several years with the continuous support of late Sultan Qaboos and Emperor Naruhito of Japan. Both have strong faith in bilateral relationships. His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik is also following the same approach in the Sultanate’s relations with the world, particularly with Japan as a friendly country.

At the economic level, Japan is one of the trading partners of the Sultanate. Japan benefits from our exports of oil, gas, minerals, fishery and agricultural products. The value of Omani exports to Japan in 2018 was estimated at about $2 billion, while Japanese exports to the Sultanate amounted to be $2.5 billion. Japan’s purchase of oil production from the Sultanate is about 10 per cent and 30 per cent of liquefied natural gas. Japanese projects have lots of prospects for larger economic cooperation. Japanese companies produce 60 per cent of the Sultanate’s electricity through well-known independent energy projects.

Also there is cooperation in the area of tourism. Japanese tourist delegations keep coming to the Sultanate. There are also students and educational exchanges. Like them, there are many other areas of cooperation which strengthen the bilateral relationship and take it to another heights. In this, the role played by the Oman-Japan Friendship Association cannot be underestimated.

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