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5 ways you can take ‘Imperfect Action’ right now


Vanessa Seymour

What is Imperfect Action?

Maybe you have heard this term before, maybe it is completely new.

To me, it is taking action right here, right now. Not waiting for things to be perfect but doing what you can with what you have. Learning from it. And then just believing in yourself. That’s probably the most important part. Believing that what you have to offer right here and right now is enough and it does not have to be perfect to be impactful.

In fact, I think it is even better that you are not perfect in all that you do. Striving for perfection is often a never-ending process and keeps us from taking any action at all.

We need to stop putting up this front of being perfect. What good is that doing? It just makes the next person feel like in order to be successful they need to be perfect too. It makes them feel like they are not ready.

The truth of the matter is the choice is always yours. People do not have their life as together as it might seem. We are all just figuring it out.

For example, a month ago I started a podcast. Coincidentally the first episode was titled Imperfect Action. I truly want to help people. I want to help them heal, I want to help them build healthy habits, build confidence, believe in themselves, build business, make money and not be embarrassed by it. I want to do so much.

For so long I kept telling myself I was not ready. I had tonnes of reasons: I did not have enough of an Instagram following, I wasn’t old enough, I didn’t have all the right equipment, I can’t afford to hire someone to help me professionally do this. I still had so much to learn.

Then, the realisation hit me, these were all just excuses. I could sit with these excuses for the rest of my life.

Or I could start doing. So I sat down and started a podcast. It was not perfect by any means but I have started my journey. I took action. It is not perfect. But it is action, imperfect action.

I believe in this podcast. I believe in the work that I want to put out in the world. I believe that it will do good and help people. But for me to do that, I need to start somewhere.

I want you to look at life, where are you hesitant to act, what are the excuses you are coming up with, what is holding you back?

When I teach yoga I have so many students come up to me and talk about how they don’t have time to practise for one hour every day. My response is always that it is fine. Do 10 minutes if you can.

The point is to do something.

Anything is better than nothing.

If you want to see change, real change.

It starts with action.

Imperfect action maybe.

But still action!


1 Stop telling yourself that you are not ready. Instead reframe that belief. You are ready!

2 Make a list of 5 things you want to do. Then pick one of those things and start working on it today. No more excuses!

3 Work on your mindset. It all starts with our mindset, what we believe and how we embody that.

4 Don’t be afraid to start small. Remember doing something is better than nothing at all.

5 At the same time, do not be afraid to start big. It might work out, it might not, but you are taking steps. You are taking action.

You are learning. That is the most important part!

[The writer is a Muscat-based student, certified yoga instructor, empowerment coach and host of the podcast ‘LIVE INSPIRED’.]

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