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Firms told to renew resident cards on time


The Ministry of Manpower has asked private sector companies to renew the resident cards of their employees or face action.

In an announcement, the ministry said that all the services offered to the private sector companies including renewal of residents cards will be suspended if they do not pay the financial dues to the ministry within 30 days starting from October 1.

The ultimatum follows non-compliance by many companies in renewing the resident cards of their expatriate employees. The announcement is based on the ministerial Decision No 90/2013, which specifies the procedures for dealing with private sector establishments.

“The companies which fail to comply with the decision will no more receive any services from the ministry including renewal of resident cards”, the announcement said.

According to an official at the ministry, a number of companies have been found evading payment of dues against the renewal of the resident cards of their workers.

“These companies owe the ministry a large sum of money by way of fee for resident cards and related services”, the official added.

A resident card is mandatory for all expatriate workers in Oman once the employment visa is stamped on their passports. According to the announcement, the companies, in addition to payment dues, should appraise the ministry with the number of foreign employees on their payrolls.

“If the companies do not meet the deadline for the payment, they should let their employees leave the country as their resident cards will not be renewed after this period,” the announcement said.

The decision No 90/2013 states that employers in the private sector shall implement the provisions of the Labour Law and its implementing regulations.

The services which will be stopped to the erring companies include granting work permits, authorising the transfer of services and issuing and renewal of resident cards.

The decision also mandates the companies to inform the ministry if any amendment is made to company profile including data on workforce.

“The services shall be restored if the violation is rectified and the penalty should be paid within the stipulated 30-day period,” the ministry said.

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