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Spotlight: Content matters


The ongoing pandemic has affected all the sectors across the globe. The situation has forced everyone to let the ball rolling for basic survival yet be safe from the deadly virus by avoiding crowds and maximum possible direct contacts. Lockdowns and restrictions of several kinds are results of the situation, which has no sign of any early departure. People have to live with it by limiting activities, yet keep moving for survival of the economy. Content management, which is in vogue for quite some time, has gained momentum to cope up with the vacuum created by the pandemic, and came out with wonderful solutions for every sector. You name the issue, and there is a solution ready with those who have ability create an interface for the enterprises.

Among the sectors most affected and talked about due to the pandemic is education. Everyone had questions about the quality of the virtual mode of education. But surprisingly it came out well and successfully managed the void created by the pandemic. “It all happened due to the solutions which were ready in the form of content management. Some value additions as per demand of the respective sectors, and the solutions offered by the content developers were perfectly functional,” said Omar, an information technology expert associated with a private sector firm.


Online training platforms for content writing, management and marketing were great in demand from the very beginning of the pandemic last year. According to Vaibhav Kakkar, CEO and Founder of IIM SKILLS, a leading online training platform for content writing, digital marketing, and other competitive exams, content management today is more significant than ever before. Of course the solutions were prevalent pre pandemic, but its relevance multiplied manifold during the pandemic. People started looking for solutions to work from home, and those having content management skills proved very handy to people’s needs of running day-to-day businesses. “The whole concept of content management revolves around the one fact of providing the utmost value to the consumer. For someone like me who is an online training provider, my team and I aim to educate and inform, be it in the form of courses, blogs, e-books, or white papers,” Vaibhav Kakkar said.


Since most of the information today is accessed on the Internet it is important to have a proper content management structure in place. “It requires us, professionals, to understand the importance of factors like business analytics, consumer personas to build better rapport with leads.” According to Kakkar, there has to be proper synergy too among the different departments. Content management has to be a collaborative effort. It is not an individual’s responsibility, rather it’s teamwork. Sales, marketing, information technology, customer service, everyone should play a part in it. That will enable understanding of the consumer choices and preferences better.

“It will also benefit the organisations greatly if we put proper effort to bring on board content managers who would have insight into content creation for different platforms and provide solutions accordingly. Content management basically encompasses all the steps to develop a flexible content strategy and improved content quality. This also includes taking customer feedback very seriously and working upon it to provide more efficient, consumer-oriented content,” He said.

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