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Bandar Khayran: A perfect weekend getaway


“Bandar Khayran by sunset is a must-see. The lighting is just spectacular and certainly a sight to behold,” says John, a visitor from Austria.

A stunning rugged coastline in Muscat Governorate, it is a popular weekend destination. This most ‘Instagrammable’ spot is a hidden gem that is not yet fully discovered.

The coastline hosts an array of secluded beaches, paired with a marine ecosystem teeming with life beyond one’s imagination.

A treasure trove of winding fjord systems, the Bandar Khayran area creates a well-protected home for numerous species.

While Oman is known for its diversity in scuba diving and extravagant whale shark season, its oceans and coastline have much more to offer.

Turtle Bay is among many of the shallow sites in the area that can entertain a diverse range of activities that allows visitors to explore the wild of the Oman coast.

Host to a beautiful reef ranging from about one metre to six metres in depth, many marine species call this as a reef home. It is an exciting place to learn snorkelling and is bound to introduce you to the splendid colours of angelfish, butterflyfish, parrotfish, and many more.

It is also a fantastic place to swim alongside and observe Green turtles and Hawksbill turtles in their natural environment.

Recollects another visitor from Spain: “Our coastal tour in Bandar Khayran was so unique that it was extra special to see the coast from a different point of view and to see a part of the coast which is so well protected and almost untouched by humans.”

Emma from London recalls the fantastic fun she had on the dolphin and snorkelling tour. “Lots of dolphins, turtles, and beautiful scenery,” she adds.

The Bandar Khayran coastline is not only home to an impressive array of animals. It is also a limestone architectural phenomenon filled with mountains and cliff sides displaying every hue of oranges, browns, and reds. When partnered with a well-contrasted blue sky, these awe-inspiring colours are a photographer’s delight.

It provides exquisite natural lighting for landscape photography, a relaxing atmosphere and a backdrop for family photos or for that perfect selfie.

Extra Divers, Qantab spends many hours exploring this extravagant area during local dolphin and snorkelling tours.

They even allow the opportunity for families to experience its beauty painted with the golden hues of the sunset.

The boat trip to the sites allows one to soak in the beauty of the Oman coast. Arriving at Turtle bay, with the sight of the beaches, cliffs, and a calm ocean builds much excitement before getting into the water and exploring the marine life.

Rosemarie, another expatriate visitor from Qatar, mentions about the abundance of fish, corals, turtles, and much more which was just amazing.

“The professionalism shown by the staff at Extra Divers throughout made for an incredible experience. The quality of the equipment and boat was excellent. A fantastic family dayout for young and old or group of friends and we hope to be back.”

Many others say they have had amazing snorkelling trips which proved to be magical. “Snorkelling was fabulous, as we saw four turtles and different types of fish,” says a visitor from England.

The visits were made by the tourists before the pandemic began last year.


Liju Cherian


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