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Spare some thoughts for stray cats during Covid-19

SALALAH – The prevailing Covid-19 crisis has led to restrictions on all sorts of public gatherings, including visits to coffee shops and restaurants.

With many shops closed and people are hardly going out, but for necessary grocery shopping.

The situation has its impact on all walks of life, even on stray cats, which roam freely and fearlessly in most of the Omani streets. "The food supply chain has been affected because they depend completely on excess food near waste bins. The bins near the coffee shops and restaurants are mostly empty due to the 'only parcel' policy implemented by the authorities.

Dr. Peter Nolosco, the senior veterinarian at Capital Veterinary Centre, admitted that the situation is challenging for them and praised the role of animal welfare groups like Tiger by the Tail (TBTT) and Omani Paws, for arranging food for these poor souls.

“Animal food supply chain is badly affected because of the current situation. I really want to focus on the poor stray animals on the streets. Generally, there are lots of stray animals, especially cats in Oman, who roam freely and depend on food generated out of restaurants’ plate cleaning and unconsumed prepared food, which the restaurants have no option but to throw.”

“Now because of the restrictions these poor souls are in hunger. Thanks to many good people and animal welfare groups like TBTT, Omani Paws, the Wave Dog and Cat Rescue, which are feeding these animals. Also, there are quite a lot of fishing birds, and other birds which are also affected by this situation,” he said.

He called upon people to spare some thought for these little creatures who play a vital role in maintaining the ecosystem and maintaining balance in the environment.

“Since their source of food -- scrap from the eateries -- have been closed, it becomes our responsibility to take care of them in our own limited way while respecting the imposed restrictions to check the spread of Covid-19,” he said.

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