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Pipeline of 49 projects for PPP implementation

Dr.Dhafir AlShanfari CEO of OAPFD
Dr.Dhafir AlShanfari CEO of OAPFD

With a view to strengthening the partnership between the public and private sectors (PPP), the Public Authority for Privatization and Partnership (PAPP) has unveiled a portfolio of 49 initiatives related to the health sector, education, environment, transportation, government services, agriculture and fisheries, for implementation under the PPP model. The Partnership Law promulgated by Royal Decree 52/2019, which is managed by PAPP, aims to encourage the private sector to invest in infrastructure and public services projects to contribute to the process of economic diversification.

Dr Dhafir bin Awad al Shanfari (pictured), CEO of the Authority, said: “Since its establishment in July last year, the Authority has worked on studying a number of initiatives for partnership projects between the public and private sectors and we have, with God’s grace, been able to come up with such 49 projects.  Of this number, one is in the negotiation and award stage, four are in the offer stage, and nine are in the feasibility study stage.  Thirty-five others are in the initial study stage, and during the coming period we will witness the announcement of a number of them, as these projects aim to improve public services and reduce the costs of establishing and operating them, which contribute to reducing the government’s fiscal burden, while building capacity for risk appetite in the private sector.”

The Authority recently invited specialized consulting firms with local and international expertise to participate in the qualification to provide advisory services to several projects in various sectors.

Education sector

The Public Authority has invited consultancy firms to participate in the qualification for advisory services for esstablishing the first package of school buildings and the educational centres complex of the Ministry of Education. This project will have a positive impact on enhancing the educational process to meet the increasing demand for schools in various regions of the Sultanate.

Health sector

The Ministry of Health is inviting the private sector to provide dialysis services for the benefit of patients. The establishment and development of a number of dialysis service centers will be evaluated and the most appropriate partnership model will be determined.

Logistics sector

The National Ports Community System of Asyad Group is envisaged as a neutral and open electronic platform that enables the smart and safe exchange of information between public and private stakeholders in order to improve the competitive position of marine and airport communities. Asyad Group, Oman Aviation Group (OAG) and the Directorate General of Customs Administration in the Royal Oman Police are among the main stakeholders in the project.

Environmental sector

In the environmental sector, the Authority recently invited local and international consulting firms to participate in providing advisory services related to Be'ah's Integrated Facility for Industrial Waste Treatment.   In addition, it has invited specialized developers to send their qualifications in relation to a project for the development of a sewage treatment plant in Misfah for Haya Water Company.

The Authority is also studying a group of important development projects and infrastructure projects that are to be implemented according to the partnership model between the public and private sectors in order to improve the quality of public services and reduce the costs of establishing.

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