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Should Oman bring back the open-air, drive-in cinema?

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MUSCAT: It's a trend that has swept the 80s and the 90s and with the new normal post the Covid-19 era, it might make a comeback.

The open-air, drive-in cinemas were also a big thing in Oman in the past and it was something that made the Intercontinental Muscat a popular destination. Dozens of cars used to park in an open space by the hotel, a big screen several feet tall projecting whatever was blockbuster of the week, popcorn and food specials of the day are collected and delivered by hotel staff, a big outdoor conditioning machine working in full blast to provide cooling while people stay in their cars to enjoy the show.

It's an idea that Intercontinental Muscat is considering and responses are favorable towards the initiative.

Due to the threat of Covid19, cinemas all over the country have been closed to ensure that they do not become hotbeds of virus transmission.

"The InterContinental held many Drive-In-Movies. In this photo (inset), is the ticket for the film Gold Finger featuring Sean Connery as James Bond all the way back in 1991! If we opened a Drive-In-Movie at the Hotel, what films would you what us to play and why?" the hotel has teased.

One netizen commented that it is something that definitely took her back to a time past.

"I still remember that screen at the car park close to the OK Corral restaurant," the person said with several others commenting that they will come.

Several residents of Oman wanted to see a rerun of some of the best films including Oscar's best picture movies and oldies including Back to the Future, the original Star Wars trilogy, Jaws among other classics.

Faye Ratcliffe thinks it's an awesome idea.

"Socially distanced cinema experience, love it!" she said.

Cynthia Hassakourzian commented, "Love this! Can't wait to see what movies you will show! I'd want to watch any of the positive vibes cheerful classics like You've Got Mail and Breakfast at Tiffany's."

Neighboring Dubai has also been considering the idea with one local newspaper reporting that "Drive-in cinemas are not a new concept for the UAE. If anything, they are nostalgic hark back to the 80s and the 90s when open-air cinemas were a popular sight."

Do you think it's time for open-air cinema to make a comeback in Oman?

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