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Know your fines for various Covid-19 violations


Musca:t The Public Prosecution has defined fines against violations of the Supreme Committee on Covid-19 instructions.

The decision issued on Thursday accorded the right of reconciliation to the Royal Oman Police, which may impose a direct fine on the violator at the moment of committing the violation or otherwise proceed with the legal procedures.

Following fines were listed out by the Attorney General Nasr al Sawai:

Refrainment from conducting the Covid-19 coronavirus test: RO200

Non-compliance with the home and institutional quarantine: RO200.

Non-compliance with the closure of shops that the committee decided to close: RO3,000.

Attending gatherings, including Eid gatherings, weddings' gatherings, funerals' gatherings, places of worship gatherings, and other types of gatherings: RO1,500.

Participation in gatherings of individuals: RO100 per person.

Refrainment from wearing or damage of the tracking bracelet: RO300.

Any gathering of five or more people in one area without family links will be considered a violation of the decisions of the Supreme Committee.

A fine of RO20 to be imposed on anyone who does not wear masks in public places including commercial centers.

ROP shall monitor the compliance of individuals and public and private institutions with the decisions issued by the Supreme Committee.

ROP shall control the violations of individuals in public and private institutions. For this purpose, ROP may take the following measures and procedures:  - Detaining suspected violators of the Committee's decisions.

Apprehending violators. Entering the public and private institutions to ensure compliance with the Committee's decisions. ROP may be assisted by other competent authorities.

Administrative fines shall be imposed on those who violate the Supreme Committee's decisions; the fine shall be doubled if the violation is repeated.

ROP shall collect the fines and transfer the amounts to the fund designated to finance the efforts of dealing with Covid-19.

ROP may detain the violators for 48 hours, which may be extended by the Public Prosecution.


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