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Oman's week with the most Covid-19 deaths


MUSCAT: Earlier today, the Ministry of Health has reported the death of a 70-year old Omani citizen bringing the country's death casualty to 32. It is also the 11th death for the week.

This week has registered the highest number of deaths so far at 11 since Covid-19 entered the country. The week is not over yet and whatever new reported cases will come on Saturday, will only cement this week's status with the most number of death cases.

May 18 and May 20 both registered 3 deaths with the victims aging between 34 and 70 years old.

The number of reported deaths is expected to grow in the coming weeks as Minister of Health, Dr. Ahmed al Saeedi, revealed during the Supreme Committee on Covid-19 8th press conference that there were 32 patients in the ICU and 122 under hospital care. With the two reported deaths today, ICU patients are now at 30.

The number of patients in ICU is revealing. Without medicine to talk about and relying on plasma therapy to help those who are currently suffering, the situation is grim.

Mohammed bin Saif al Hosni, Undersecretary for Health Affairs at the Ministry of Health on Tuesday has revealed that 30 of the 33 patients in ICU were on ventilators.

"More deaths among residents were due to the delay in approaching health institutions," said the Minister of Health.

Medical expert Dr. Saif al Abri added that "Most of the deaths occurred in ICU as many of them were late in seeking health care, and also due to chronic symptoms and delay in reaching the hospital."

Dr. Al Saeedi also voiced out what has been a challenge globally and a great contributor to thousands of deaths around the world.

"Patients in intensive care stay for over 10 days and there is a shortage of specialized medical personnel," he said.

This is what experts from the Ministry of Health have been voicing out since the early beginnings of the pandemic.

The social distancing measure and the lock down were to make sure that while cases do happen, they will happen gradually in such a manner than it will also not overwhelm the healthcare system of Oman.

As of today, Oman already have 6794 confirmed Covid-19 cases. With 32 deaths and 1821 recovered, 4941 are identified as sick.

If the number continues to grow, why is the country not implementing a lock down and why is it easing restrictions instead?

This has been one of the most asked questions by a lot of Oman residents.

This was answered and put into context by the Minister of Transport who said, "Commercial and industrial activities cannot remain closed for a long time, so we are gradually reopening them."

In the previous press conference, the Supreme Committee has clarified that finding the right balance between running the economy and managing the disease has been front and center of what they do.

"It is not possible to predict the peak of the virus as it may remain for a longer period, and the best is to live with it," the Minister of Health said.

So what should Oman expect in the coming weeks?

While some restrictions were eased and more than 60 commercial and industrial activities were given a go signal to reopen, the Minister of Health has been direct with his reminder.

"The Covid-19 situation is not over. We reiterate our appeal to abide by the instructions, and we must continue the prevention process," he said.

He added, "We appeal to all those who are recovering to donate blood to extract plasma from blood and treat the infected cases. The number of beneficiaries of the treatment reached 25 patients until yesterday."

Covid-19 Death Timeline This Week

May 17 — 48-year-old resident died

May 18 — 46-year-old resident died

May 18 — 54-year-old resident died

May 18 — 67-year-old resident died

May 19 — 57- year-old resident died

May 19 — 34- year-old resident died

May 20 — 70-year-old resident died

May 20 — 66-year-old resident died

May 20 — 63-year-old resident died

May 22 — 65-year-old Omani citizen died

May 22 — 70-year-old Omani citizen died

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