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Protecting the environment doesn’t stop even during Covid19

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Muscat: In a world tamed by Covid19, some of the pressing environmental problems are pushed back into the background. But as the world race to find the cure for the virus, environmentalists confined in their home spaces have not stop finding ways to spread the message across of how we can better protect the environment as well.

The Environment Society of Oman has been working nonstop to launch awareness campaigns taking advantage of the situation where people have more time to listen and watch different messages shared on social media.

In a series of videos shared with the press, Oman’s non-profit organization for the environment launched the “Responsible Net Disposal Awareness Campaign” made in partnership with the Renaissance SAOG, a leading international facilities management, and services solutions company, highlighting the effects of abandoned fishing gears, how these garbages can harm marine animals, and subsequently, how they affect local fishing communities.


 Dr. Hamed Al Gheilani
Dr. Hamed Al Gheilani
One of the fishermen who depends in Masirah's bountiful sea
One of the fishermen who depends in Masirah's bountiful sea
Clean-up drive in the island
Clean-up drive in the island

The video was delivered by a heart-touching animated film with the core messaged centered around proper disposal of nets and how this leads to the safety of the beaches and underwater animals as well as food security for families.

In a separate video, ESO highlighted the efforts made with the local community of Masirah focusing on “ghost fishing” and how the practice causes immense damage to sea animals and harms oceans worldwide.

Also made in partnership with Renaissance, the video highlighted real-life experiences of the people of Masirah, showcased the treasures of the islands as well as the bounty of nature enjoyed by its residents and delved into the environmental challenges the residents face and how they work towards making a safe and sustainable environment.

In the video, Dr. Hamed Al Gheilani of ESO shared what his experience was like growing up in Masirah.




He said, “I lived on this spectacular island when I was a child. We enjoyed watching the rich nature, landscape, biodiversity, and the huge number of marine turtles on the beaches. We used to see a lot of whales and dolphins while crossing from the island to the mainland.”

He added, “ESO carried out several events and activities over a long period of time, since 2006. Parts of these activities include scientific research specific to sea turtles, whales, and dolphins in this area.”

ESO’s numerous campaigns including public lectures and forums with local communities and programs such as beach clean-ups and net removals conducted more than once a year in coordination with relevant authorities, who are actively involved and participating, had resulted in many advancements in awareness and protecting the island.

The Wali of Masirah lauded ESO for the efforts it made into looking after the natural beauty of the island.

Talal Saif al Hosni said, “The Environment Society of Oman played a big role in providing support and raising awareness to the local community and visiting tourists on the importance of protecting these unique resources.”

A local fisherman, Mohammed al Farsi said, “By protecting the environment, you are securing the future and that of your children.”

And it is within this vein that ESO and its partners wanted the message to reach more people to guarantee that the efforts are not confined within Masirah Island but resonate all throughout the country from the far-off coast of Dhofar to the pristine beaches of the capital.

To aid in the efforts being made by ESO and to contribute to the preservation of Omani heritage and increasing awareness of various environmental issues, people can make their donations by sending “Donate” to 90108 for RO 1 per month.



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