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Feeling bored or sad ? Read this book

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Book (1)

Małgorzata Piechowicz-Pietruszka

I have recently read a book that made me question all the beliefs I had held about myself for years.

I used to be a shy kid, or so I was told. Then, after years of education, I became a teacher. But to my mind, a shy person couldn't be a good educator so I had a problem. I would either be a poor teacher or change. Now, try to reshape your personality in a few months. Impossible... or so I thought. The canny solution that I came up with, was to pretend that I am somebody else. Luckily for me, I had marvelous teachers throughout my whole education so the only sensible thing to do was to mimic them. In the end, a classroom is like a stage and I became an actress. It worked perfectly well and still does.

As an English teacher, naturally my 'acting' language was English and after some time I noticed how my 'English personality' is different from my native - Polish one. Years of imitating being outspoken, confident and funny in the classroom made me that person in 'real' life so that I no longer had to pretend. However, when I speak Polish it is a different story. At least for now.

The book that made me think of my experience: "Personality Isn't Permanent" by Benjamin Hardy, is a rare bird among the self-help books that I have read dozens of. Research based, full of powerful stories and incredibly hands-on, it makes you question all the labels you have been given or attained since your early childhood.

What is so unique about the book is that it gives you your freedom back. You can basically create your 'new you', regardless of your age, and the author gives you step-by-step instructions so that you are well-guided along the process. Like everything else in this world personality is fluid too. But you can be either very intentional about that change or leave it to chance.

A great book for everyone who feels stuck, bored with their lives, unhappy or simply doesn't know how to start the process of change. An excellent read for these hard times. A true quantum leap in my personal growth journey. So forget self-pity and get ready to 'rewrite your story'!

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