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Who will end Israeli aggression, and how?

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THE world is losing count of the number of people killed in Gaza every day, including innocent children who are paying the price for being born innocent.

The Sultanate of Oman has been consistent with its stand and has raised concern at all possible platforms, including during bilateral meetings.

The Sultanate of Oman stands with Palestine at times in their adversity and the whole world must stop this genocide that the Israelis are inflicting against the Palestinian people.

It is not just casualties but also losing count on the strictures passed by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and United Nations Security Council (UNSC) against Israel and ordering it to immediately end all aggression and allow unconditional passage of aid to the residents of the Gaza strip.

The reason for this scepticism is understandable and obvious because the aggression that started in the morning hours of October 7 last year continues unabated and seems to get worse with each passing day. Efforts to have a ceasefire to allow passage of relief and aid to the residents of Gaza have failed again only because Israel has shown no intention to slow down its aggression and accept any proposal despite pressures and demands from its close allies.

On Sunday, it condemned the brutal attack that targeted the Al Nuseirat camp in Gaza which resulted in a massacre and killed over 200 Palestinian civilian victims.

The Foreign Ministry affirmed that the continued commission of systematic war crimes against the Palestinian people is a clear and explicit violation of international conventions and international humanitarian law, which requires urgent intervention by the international community to put an end to these crimes against humanity, protect civilians, and hold the Israeli occupying state responsible for its actions.

Israeli forces have advanced into further areas of Rafah in an apparent bid to seal off many parts of the southern city.

Saturday’s death toll was the worst over of the Gaza war after Israeli special force commandos stormed into the densely populated Al Nuseirat camp to rescue four hostages held since October last by Hamas.

Only a few days before, Israeli forces bombed a United Nations-linked school in central Gaza where displaced Palestinians were sheltering.

The Hamas termed the attack on Thursday as a ‘horrible massacre’ and said many women and children were among those killed and wounded.

“This horrible massacre committed by the Israeli occupation is clear evidence of genocide, ethnic cleansing against civilians, including women and children and displaced people in the Gaza Strip,” Hamas said.

It is not just politicians who have been making efforts to end this aggression. Even concerned ordinary people have been taking part in protests, like university students in the United States and elsewhere.

Businesses with links to Israel and its allies have also been suffering big losses due to boycotts by consumers. However, all these efforts seem to be far too little and futile.

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