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Tangible solutions driving sustainability in Oman


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Oman has been actively promoting sustainable practices in its blue and green economies, which is why The Correspondent’s latest edition (May) looks into the developments of these two crucial economies.

With a meticulous focus on real-world impact, this edition goes beyond rhetoric, delving into tangible solutions driving Oman’s sustainability agenda. From waste management innovations to cutting-edge sustainable construction techniques, each story underscores Oman’s determination to lead by example in the global fight against climate change.

Readers are immersed in the journey of waste cooking oil’s transformation into biodiesel, powering Oman’s circular economy while reducing its environmental footprint. This shift not only emphasises Oman’s environmental responsibility, but also showcases the nation’s economic foresight.

Moreover, the magazine spotlights Oman’s groundbreaking strides in sustainable construction, leveraging 3D printing technology to revolutionise the industry. This innovative approach not only minimises environmental impact, but also sets a precedent for sustainable urban development worldwide.

At the heart of this edition is a look into the cultural significance and economic impact of the rose harvest season and how this popular yearly tradition can be developed by learning from initiatives of neighbouring countries.

In addition, Oman’s adoption of biochar technology stands out as a game-changer in climate change mitigation efforts. By prioritising greener farming practices, Oman demonstrates its commitment to long-term environmental sustainability and food security.

This insightful edition is available for download on Oman Daily Observer’s website, www.omanobserver, on the app, and across all major social media channels.

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