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Arab League calls for end to Israeli aggression

Abdullah bin Nasser al Rahbi attends the extraordinary session of the Council of the Arab League in Cairo.
Abdullah bin Nasser al Rahbi attends the extraordinary session of the Council of the Arab League in Cairo.

CAIRO: The Sultanate of Oman took part in the extraordinary session of the Council of the Arab League on the level of permanent delegates, on Wednesday.

The meeting discussed the Arab and international efforts to stop genocide and the policy of starvation and displacement against the Palestinian people and putting the UN Security Council and the international community before its responsibilities in the face of the Israeli occupation.

The Sultanate of Oman was represented at the meeting by Abdullah bin Nasser al Rahbi, Ambassador of the Sultanate of Oman to the Arab Republic of Egypt and its Permanent Representative to the Arab League.

Addressing the session, Al Rahbi said: “We meet today in the midst of developments and a dangerous escalation in the course of the ongoing events. The war on the Gaza Strip has spilled over the region which confirms that the occupying state has guarantees to escape punishment or prosecution and that is also proven by its blatant disregard for the UN Security Council’s resolution calling for ceasefire.”

Al Rahbi expressed regret over the failure of the international community to confront Israel on both the political and military levels until now, supporting the Arab consensus to the decision demanding the UN Security Council to take a decision under Chapter Seven of the United Nations Charter.

Al Rahbi stressed the permanent and firm position adopted by the Sultanate of Oman which considers that the only solution to the conflict lies in addressing its causes and motives, starting with the recognition of the independent Palestinian state and the withdrawal of the Israeli occupation forces from all the occupied Palestinian territories and all other Arab lands, and that the establishment of the Palestinian state is an existential necessity without which the world has condemned the Palestinians to be under constant threat of destitution, annihilation and death.

Al Rahbi reiterated the proposal announced by the Sultanate of Oman to hold an urgent international conference that brings together international parties to reach executive agreements that guarantee the achievement of a quick and effective solution with the direct goal being to develop an actual vision for the establishment of a Palestinian state and specifying the mechanisms for its implementation provided that the conference includes all components of Palestinian society without exception. — ONA

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