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Steps to make holy month green

Steps to make holy month green
Steps to make holy month green

As the holy month draws to a close, it is time to size up our thoughts, actions, food consumption, wastage, and reevaluate our attitude towards the environment.

Just as Islam encourages moderation and humbleness, It has also emphasised on protecting our nature. Environmentalists say it is never too late for a sustainable Ramadhan.

Fasting from dawn till dusk helps us refine ourselves. But Ramadhan is also a time to be kind to our surroundings, especially the environment, according to experts as well as scholars. Azzan bin Nasser al Hosni, an environmentalist, says Ramadhan is also about going green by reducing waste and using resources responsibly. According to him, as we gather and give thanks for our many blessings, we also need to think of this planet that is entrusted to us.

“It is never too late to go green and going green during Ramadhan involves reducing food waste, using eco-friendly packaging for Iftar meals, conserving water and energy, and incorporating sustainable practices into daily routines,” he said.

Yet another sign of going green is to extend our support for the environment during Ramadhan that include organising community clean-up events, planting trees, reducing plastic usage, and donating to environmental organisations or causes.

“Also, just as we see around, supporting each other during the holy month, we can also offer acts of kindness, share meals with those in need, check in on friends and family, and participate in charity initiatives together,” he said.

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