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Santani properties to boost Oman's wellness tourism offering

Notably, the Jabel Shams resort will offer the world's first Astro Wellness experience, leveraging the region's unparalleled stargazing opportunities.

MUSCAT: In a move poised to revolutionise the wellness tourism sector in Oman, Santani, a globally renowned wellness retreat based in Sri Lanka, has unveiled its ambitious plan to develop eco-wellness resorts in the picturesque landscapes of Oman. The CEO of Santani, Vickum Nawagamuwage, sat down for an exclusive interview with Oman Daily Observer to shed light on the upcoming projects and the unique experiences they will offer to guests.

The partnership between Santani and the Omran Group, a leading developer in Oman, marks the genesis of this groundbreaking collaboration. Nawagamuwage revealed that the idea stemmed from the overwhelming demand of Omani guests who experienced the tranquility and rejuvenation at Santani in Sri Lanka. This led to the introduction of Omran Group as a partner, facilitated by BPOS Global LLC, a prominent Omani business development company. The journey began with the Santani Jabel Shams project, followed by a visit from Omran's top management, which culminated in the endorsement of a second project on the idyllic beaches of the Dhofar Governorate.

When asked about the distinctive wellness treatments and experiences awaiting guests at the upcoming resorts, Nawagamuwage emphasised Santani's core philosophy of Human Sustainability.

Unlike conventional wellness approaches that address stress as a symptom, Santani delves deeper into the root causes, focusing on adapting humans to the rapid pace of the modern world. This innovative approach has garnered global acclaim for Santani, making it a sought-after destination worldwide. Moreover, the Oman properties will introduce a blend of Ayurveda, international therapies, and indigenous Arabian practices tailored to the region's cultural heritage. Notably, the Jabel Shams resort will offer the world's first Astro Wellness experience, leveraging the region's unparalleled stargazing opportunities.

Integrating Oman's natural splendours and cultural heritage into the guest experience lies at the heart of Santani's ethos. Nawagamuwage emphasised a minimalistic approach to architecture, utilising the natural landscapes as focal points while preserving the environment's integrity. The Jabel Shams project will harmoniously incorporate the mountains' natural features, with underground facilities blending seamlessly into the terrain. Cultural immersion will extend to bespoke uniforms, culinary offerings, and wellness programmes, showcasing Oman's rich heritage at every touchpoint.

Reflecting on Santani's global wellness ethos, Nawagamuwage highlighted the brand's commitment to anticipatory service and taste-based nutrition. These principles, honed at the Sri Lankan retreat, will be elevated at the Oman properties, offering unparalleled guest experiences and culinary delights. Moreover, with an eye on future expansions, Santani envisions a global footprint in partnership with governments, family offices, and institutional funds. The surge in demand for holistic wellness solutions underscores the need for Santani's unique approach, positioning the brand as a frontrunner in the evolving wellness landscape.

As Santani embarks on this transformative journey to bring eco-wellness tourism to Oman, Vickum Nawagamuwage's vision encapsulates a harmonious blend of nature and culture, promising guests a sanctuary for rejuvenation and self-discovery. With sustainability at its core and innovation at its helm, Santani's foray into Oman heralds a new chapter in the realm of wellness tourism, inviting travelers to embark on a holistic odyssey amidst Oman's breathtaking landscapes.

This story of Santani's pioneering initiative in Oman epitomises the convergence of luxury, well-being, and cultural immersion, setting a new standard for eco-conscious travelers seeking a transformative escape.

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