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Cruise paradise of Oman

In Salalah, Abdullah Subah warmly greets German visitors, offering a seamless cruise experience. Upgraded facilities, streamlined procedures, and diverse tours make Salalah a sought-after destination. German travelers praise the beauty, and warmth, solidifying its charm as a top cruise spot

‘Friede sei mit euch,’ Abdullah Subah warmly greets visitors in German, a departure from his native Arabic language’s customary ‘Asalam Malaikum.’ As a local tour operator in Salalah, he effortlessly converses with German-speaking tourists, offering them an exceptional experience, especially for cruise passengers disembarking in Dhofar Governorate.

Abdullah explains that Salalah has invested significantly in upgrading its cruise facilities, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable journey for those exploring the governorate by sea.

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“The country has made substantial investments in enhancing its cruise tourism infrastructure, marked by the development of modern ports and state-of-the-art facilities capable of accommodating large cruise ships,” he says.

He emphasises the government’s initiatives to foster tourism, with a specific focus on cruise tourism. These efforts include streamlining visa procedures, improving transport, promoting local attractions and establishing Salalah as a sought-after cruise destination.

Corinna Hartmann, a long-time cruise trip traveler-cum-organiser from the northern German town of Quedlinburg, mentions that, “Cruise trips are more popular with Germans than ever before. We now see large numbers of passengers, including more young families. We are excited to showcase Salalah’s beauty, offering a diverse range of attractions from the mountains to the sea and the desert.”

Despite challenges in the Suez Canal, she expresses optimism about the upcoming season, starting in October. Their programme includes the East Tour featuring Jabal Samhan, Wadi Darbat, and the splendours of the west coast, such as Mughsail Beach, Marneef Cave, and blowholes and fountains. Additionally, the city tour covers the Frankincense Souk, Sultan Qaboos Mosque, and other cultural sights.

Here are some of the glowing reviews from German cruise travelers who spoke highly about Salalah.

Irmgard Gruber from Munich expressed enthusiasm for the cruise season, highlighting the beauty of Salalah from mountains to sea and desert with a variety of attractions.

Monika and Werner Herrmann from Sulzbach/Frankfurt commended the professional planning and organisation of Subah Tours Salalah, emphasising enjoyable experiences and the warmth of their guide, Abdullah, expressing anticipation for the upcoming season.

Ursula and Axel Voigt from Stendal describe Salalah as a dream destination, appreciating the enchanting nature during their East Tour and the beautiful country.

Serena, Steffen, and Ella Kowitz from Neubrandenburg share their family experience, highlighting frankincense trees, camels, beautiful sea, and the highlights of Mughsail Beach.

Annette and Raffael Cendron from Dusseldorf described their dream tour with Subah Tours, expressing gratitude for the well-planned West Tour and the unforgettable day with their guide, Corinna.

Angelika Winkler from Hergatz/Allgäu recommended Subah Tours for a comprehensive understanding of Oman’s customs and traditions during their mountain safari.

Anni Oettershagen from Oberberg praised the worthiness of their excursion, including camels, watering holes, and great views during their cruise with the AIDAcosma.

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