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If you can't find a job, create one

Your specialisation or degrees won't guarantee you a job
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Successful people are those who take advantage of opportunities. No one can give you a job as a gift of friendship or chart your career path for you.

This means that you are the architect of your path to success. Careers rarely follow a linear, preordained path. The onus is on you to decide where you want to go and then proactively pursue that path.

Dr Rahma bint Ibrahim al Mahrouqiah, Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation, said in her speech at the 'Together We Progress Forum' that your specialisation won't guarantee you a job.

There is no denying that searching for a job is a job in itself. Unfortunately, it becomes more difficult as you get older.

If you feel like you are walking in a vicious circle without achieving what you want, perhaps it is time to take a step back and reconsider the strategy you are following in your job search.

Create a resume and profile as your resume is usually a recruiter's first impression of you. Ensure that the form, content and flow of information in your resume is written in a professional style. A survey conducted by on “Employment Practices in the Middle East and North Africa” showed that 21.3 per cent of employers believe that poor language used in writing a CV is the biggest mistake job seekers make.

Create a CV specific to each job. 42.5 per cent of employers prefer a brief CV of no more than one page. Employers also believe that experience is the most important element in a CV, followed by skills, educational level, professional, and finally awards and recommendations for each. Also, 53.8% of employers prefer to add a personal photo of the candidate to his or her CV.

You must excel and do not use CV templates that have been used thousands of times and memorized by recruitment officials in companies. You must build your own CV step by step and write in it what distinguishes you, not what is repeated in CVs.

Given that most employers choose the internet as a source for searching for candidates, it has become very important for job seekers to have a distinct presence on the internet. In fact, a survey indicates that 92 per cent of professionals believe that an online profile can help you get more job interviews, and 61 per cent of them stated that they research candidates before hiring them.

Establish a clear presence on the internet using your real, full name, and preferably create a special website that contains your CV, qualifications, talents, skills, previous experiences, and what you aspire to. Also include a professional photo of yourself or a short video showcasing your abilities.

If you cannot create your own website, you can achieve a strong presence on the internet by building your own pages on specialized recruitment sites such as LinkedIn Facebook and Twitter. All of this will help create a strong presence and a reference that employers can benefit from as they search for talent and competencies.

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