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Navigating rainy roads: essential driving tips

Navigating rainy roads: essential driving tips
Navigating rainy roads: essential driving tips

For some days now, few governorates of the Sultanate are facing a wave of bad weather accompanied by low temperatures, rainfall, and difficulty in horizontal visibility.

Car drivers face many risks while driving during rainy weather, as the rain hinders drivers’ vision, which results in many accidents. It is difficult to control the car due to the presence of rainwater on the roads, especially the highways.

There are simple steps for driving safely, and below I offer some tips for driving safely during rains.

Drivers should check their car tires and replace them if they are worn out and have exceeded the kilometres they are supposed to travel so that it is easy to move the car in the rain safely and easily. Also to reduce the vehicle speed to avoid dangers and stop when you feel that danger lursk while driving.

Carefully inspect the car's exterior headlights and ensure they are working properly.

Handle the car with caution so that we make sure the brakes are accurate before moving the car. Conduct a simple brake test, and stop the car during the rain, as the stopping distance doubles when you press it, and you can lift your foot off the gas to reduce the vehicle’s speed and then stop it.

In addition to cars that operate automatically, one should stay away from any car routing programmes.

Keep a distance between you and other cars when stopping at traffic lights or pedestrian crossings.

If the car slides while driving, try to control the car, avoid pressing the brakes suddenly, and direct the steering wheel in the direction of the slide.

You must use signals indicating deviation at the appropriate time to secure your path and the path of others.

Do not be distracted by anything other than the road so as not to lose focus.

Avoid driving in the opposite direction or taking cars into illegal turns to prevent accidents.

Operating the spaces continuously to ensure clear vision.

Finally, do not ignore the instructions and warnings issued by official authorities.

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