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The path to healthier life is through overall wellbeing

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Muscat: The concept of healthier lifestyles has evolved over time. In the past it was more focused on physical wellbeing, today, it encompasses an overall wellbeing with an emphasis on mindfulness, mental health, and sustainable practices. Today, ‘health’ is a term we associate with equilibrium, mindfulness, and sustainability; embracing practices like meditation, yoga, and conscientious eating as essential components of our quest towards a healthier life.

As Lara El Hibri, a clinical psychologist, explains: “People are becoming increasingly more conscious about mental health and the way it is intertwined with their overall wellbeing. We are witnessing a general sense of awakening which seems to have been set off after the coronavirus pandemic. People are educating themselves about mental health as their lifestyles are becoming more sophisticated and life is being much more demanding. It will not be surprising then to encounter increasing numbers of individuals setting mental health goals or striving for better mental health outcomes as their new year’s resolutions. Social media influencers are putting a greater focus on mental health and the way their own efforts to become mentally resilient contributed to their own success stories”.

Mental health is interconnected to all aspects of our life; it is the foundation that jumpstarts our physical wellbeing by allowing us the clarity, peace of mind, sound decisions and motivation to inspire actions.

Today, our nation addresses the importance of mental health wellbeing with wellness centres across Oman that offer individual and group sessions for a variety of aspects to support an individual's mental health.

From individual therapy sessions to group sessions, discussions and workshops all aimed towards strengthening our resilience in the face of challenges, supporting us where we need it more, and understanding that everybody’s challenges, while different, are able to be overcome with the right support, resilience and effort.

Oftentimes, all we need is a little guidance to make a world of difference.

Tamsyn Pereira, child developmental psychologist, said; “I believe we need to explore more non-traditional forms of healing. I find that my clients benefit from understanding how culture, society and traditions play a huge role in shaping our personalities to express individual needs, set healthy boundaries, and specifically build healthy attachments in all relationships”.

As we continue to embrace a holistic approach to health, recognizing the interconnectedness of mental and physical well-being, these wellness centres and initiatives play a crucial role in guiding individuals toward a balanced and fulfilling life.

The evolving narrative around mental health, coupled with accessible resources, not only reflects a societal shift but also signifies a collective commitment to building resilient and flourishing communities. In this era of awareness and support, the journey toward better mental health becomes a shared endeavour, where everyone's unique challenges are acknowledged and met with the encouragement needed to overcome them.

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