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Arabwood invites international film projects from Oman

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Arabwood, the Origin-Oman nomenclature for regional films, has invited ambitious international projects from the filmmakers in the country to compete with the rest of the world in terms of quality and craftsmanship.

Arabwood, the term coined with the forthcoming Muscat international film Festival (MIFF) which is to be held from March 3 to 7 this year, will host film screening, workshops, and master classes.

Arabwood's primary objective is to provide a robust platform for Oman's filmmakers to showcase their creativity, engage in international collaborations, and propel the Omani film industry to unprecedented heights, according to the organisers.

"This initiative opens doors for aspiring filmmakers, offering crucial support, guidance, and financial assistance for their projects," Sudha Radhika, in charge of international coordination at the MIFF told the Observer.

Submissions for Arabic movie projects that vividly depict the rich tapestry of Arabian lifestyle and culture, with a special focus on incorporating stories from gulf region and scenic locations in Oman can be submitted. The deadline for submissions is March 1.

"We encourage Omani nationals or residents with a passion for filmmaking to collaborate and form teams of 2 or 3 members, ideally consisting of a writer-director and a producer, or a director, a writer, and a producer. We particularly welcome applications from producers with a proven track record of production experience and screenwriters who have demonstrated their capabilities through realised scripts in any format," she added.

The selected teams will undergo comprehensive pre-production sessions facilitated by industry experts to refine their projects.

Arabwood is aiming at selecting 5 feature film projects, 10 short films, and 5 documentaries. The chosen teams will partake in one-on-one meetings with key decision-makers; gain visibility through project pitching, and network with industry professionals. By the programme's conclusion, teams will possess all necessary documents to approach potential regional and international partners.

She further said that those who are interested in submitting project proposals, should adhere to the rules and regulations:

Project in submission should be in English; if originally in Arabic, provide a translated copy, along with its synopsis, treatment, suggestions for artistes, technicians, cast n crew and locations,

This who submit nominations should provide comprehensive biographies and filmographies of the director, writer, and producer.

Project proposals with all the above details, a detailed budget, financial plan, investment return plan, and marketing strategy, and an intention note from the director explaining the motivation behind the project should be submitted to the

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