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Musalih: One-stop all-Omani crewed platform for home repair services

Connecting freelance Omani technicians with opportunities in the lucrative home repairs sector

MUSCAT: Musalih, a one-of-a-kind online platform that connects freelance skilled Omani technicians with customers in need for services on demand, seeks to capitalize on a lucrative home maintenance market currently valued at around RO 200 million annually.

Founded by Omani entrepreneurs Sultan al Zidjali, Hamed al Mahrouqi and Younis al Rawahi, the platform first launched in August 2020 with the goal to localize the repair and maintenance market, presently dominated by expat players.

“[The maintenance and repair market] is a huge market,” said Sultan al Zidjali, CEO. “The market size is over 200 million Omani rials. If this cash flows out of Oman, the capital is lost. Localizing this sector ensures that the economic cycle remains within Oman,” he stressed.

Significantly, the platform also has the potential to address unemployment challenges in the country by offering freelance opportunities to Omani technicians, instead of solely relying on traditional employment.

Musalih currently boasts a deck of 600 registered freelancers who have an earning potential of RO 400 -700 per month depending on the tasks they choose to perform. Additionally, the company has also signed multiple annual maintenance contracts which provide freelancers with a fixed monthly income.

However, despite its promising business model, the company still faces challenges mostly pertaining to cultural perceptions. According to the CEO, individuals usually prefer to hire expatriates over Omanis, due to perceived quality and cost issues.

To bolster confidence in the robustness of its services, the platform operates on the basis of a clearly defined and transparent pricing scheme with tariffs that are either on par or sometimes lower than prevailing market rates. In addition, all services are backed by a 30-year warranty.

According to the CEO, the company currently offers services in three main areas: air-conditioning, plumbing, and electrical services. Customers can request for services through the (Musalih) mobile application or website. Alternatively, they can also contact the company via Whatsapp, text message or phone call.

The company currently operates in six governorates including Muscat, Al Batinah North and South, Buraimi, Dhahirah and Al Dakhiliyah.

Furthermore, the company actively collaborates with local entities including the Ministry of Labour, Petroleum Development Oman and the National Training Program to train technicians. Last year, the company signed a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Labour to train 600 technicians.

According to the CEO, the company is in the process of expanding to other governorates in the country. Additionally, the company plans to increase its service portfolio to include services such as refrigerator repair, roadside assistance and gardening.

Musalih has a goal of onboarding 5,000 freelancers by 2030.

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