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A good lifestyle for multiple cultures

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While the city of Duqm is distinguished by its quiet location on the eastern coast of the Sultanate of Oman, it has become a place of attraction for various groups, especially after it became one of the most prominent investment stations in Oman, and facilitates the lifestyle to live in, whether permanent residence or partial residence.

Duqm was previously home to fishermen and their families for generations, but things seem to have changed quickly. Education and healthcare have become the most prominent things that encourage people to choose this city to reside in, whether permanently or partially, and in Al Duqm; as it is still in a growth and construction phase, most people want to invest in this city.

Al Duqm brings together diverse cultures that suit the lifestyle available in it, as its climate and environment make those who visit it wish to stay there as long as possible, which explains the population and urban growth in the city. It is today bringing together multiple nationalities, diverse cultures and peoples who contribute with Omani cadres in building a modern city and an economic destination that meets the aspirations of its people, visitors and residents.

With the diversity of cultures in it, Al Saad International School is one of the most important components of the modern city of Al Duqm. The school, which began its first academic year three years ago, was originally established to be a modern school community for Omani, Arab and foreign students, and at the same time it encourages the engineers coming from the furthest part of this world to move to Al Duqm where his children could continue their school education.

The health sector has witnessed a noticeable expansion over the past years, as before the establishment of the Special Economic Zone in Duqm, the population numbers were limited and the Duqm Hospital affiliated with the Ministry of Health was sufficient for the purpose. Today, the need for expansion of the health sector in Al Duqm has increased, and this is why the economic zone was established early. For Duqm, a number of private health complexes have been established to keep pace with population growth in the city. Today, the number of these centres has increased and they open their doors around the clock, and their outpatient clinics cover all medical specialities.

In order to attract working there, attention has been paid to providing amenities and entertainment to attract people, whether workers or tourists, to be a tourist station in addition to being an economic area.

Various hotel options are also available, as there are more than 12 hotel options, including 4-star hotels overlooking the sea, other 3-star or 2-star hotels, and hotel apartments that occupy a distinctive location in the centre of Al Duqm. Even, hotel options are not limited to only it depends on the type of accommodation, but also includes the location, services provided, and view.

Al Duqm is classified as a major option for investment and tourism for those coming to the Sultanate of Oman from abroad, whether for the purpose of investment or tourism. It is also a suitable option for many Omani families who want to spend a happy vacation on a clear and clean beach. It is similarly an important location for those who wish to practice the hobby of fishing, diving, or other sporting hobbies. It considering an ideal location for those who want to visit the Arabian Oryx Reserve, Bar Al Hikman, or other tourist sites in Al Wusta Governorate.

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