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Al Bashayer, Seeb dominate in Ministry's Shield

Al Bashayer-Ahli Sidab1
Al Bashayer-Ahli Sidab1

Muscat: Al Bashayer Club defeated Ahli Sidab 84-56 in the first group matches of the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Youth Shield Basketball Championship for the 2023-2024 season. In the second group matches, Seeb achieved an important victory against Nizwa 65-60, the two matches were held at the Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex in Bausher.

In the first match, which was strong and exciting, Al Bashayer managed to win in all four quarters of the game. The match started with Al Bashayer scoring 4 points through Hadeed Beit Bakhit and Daimon. However, Ahli Sidab narrowed the gap by scoring two points through Hameer al Hasni and Daimon. Al Bashayer added 16 points, while Ahli Sidab scored 11 points as first quarter ended with Al Bashayer leading 20-13.

In the second quarter, Al Bashayer excelled defensively and offensively. They opened the quarter with 4 points scored by Cameron and Adel al Batashi. Ahli Sidab responded by scoring two points through Waela Jalalti. The excitement continued with more attacks, Al Bashayer added 26 points, while Ahli Sidab added 15 points, ending the first half with Al Bashayer leading 50-30.

In the third quarter, the game continued with exchanges of attacks, with relative superiority in scoring for Al Bashayer, who continued to widen the gap as their players added 18 points, while Ahli Sidab scored 16 points, ending the third quarter with a score of 68-46.

In the fourth quarter, Al Bashayer continued its offensive and defensive superiority, with their players scoring 16 points. In comparison, Ahli Sidab players scored 10 points, ending the match with Al Bashayer's victory by 84-56.

The match was officiated by international referees Thani al Khalasi as the first referee, Ali al Sulaimani as the second referee, Mazen al Hilali as the third referee, while Maryam al Zadjali, Maiad al Hamdani and Shareefa al Zadjali were on the table.

Al Bashayer-Ahli Sidab
Al Bashayer-Ahli Sidab


In the second match of the second group, Seeb clinched a thrilling victory over Nizwa by 65-60. The winner had the advantage in scoring in the first and fourth quarters, while Nizwa excelled in the second and third quarters.

Seeb took the lead through Abdulredha al Battashi, who scored 5 points. Nizwa responded by scoring two points through Niver MacCord, reducing the gap to 2-5. Both teams continued their offensive attempts, with each team scoring several points. Seeb added 18 points, while Nizwa added 19 points, ending the first quarter with Seeb leading 23-21.

In the second quarter, Nizwa managed to reduce the gap reach a tie and then took the lead with a defensive plan. Seeb scored 12 points and Nizwa added 16 points, ending the first half with Nizwa leading 37-35.

In the third quarter, Nizwa continued their offensive superiority and managed to strengthen the lead by activating the defensive area and launching attacks from it. Nizwa scored 16 points, while Seeb added 12 points, ending the third quarter with Nizwa leading 53-47.

The dynamics shifted dramatically in the fourth quarter, with Seeb seizing control in both gameplay and scoring. Their offense complemented their defence, thwarting many of Nizwa's attacks and converting them into counter-attacks, ultimately allowing them to equalise, then take the lead and secure the victory. Seeb scored 18 points, while Nizwa managed only 7. The match concluded with Seeb winning 65-60.

The match was officiated by international referees Issam al Siyabi as the first referee, Ahmed al Khasibi as the second referee, Taha al Amri as the third referee, while Maryam al Zadjali, Yaquob al Nadabi and Majed al Akhzami were on the table.

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