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The Bedouin Village a journey to life in ancient times


Bedouin Village is not just a testament to the rich tapestry of traditions but also a living canvas where the past comes to life.

The Bedouin Village, organised and thoughtfully equipped, serves as a living testament to the importance of preserving cultural heritage. It's a celebration of customs, a revival of ancient lifestyles, and an indicator of sustainability that attracts locals and tourists .

A step into the village is a step back in time. Five marvellous tents, each with its unique charm, unfold a symphony of Omani life. In Saqqa which is dedicated to the local dairy products, women in Bedouin traditional dress reenact milking goats, cows and camels.

Close to it, the Naseej tent unveils a mesmerizing world of weaving and spinning. Men and women alike engage in the meticulous art of creating intricate patterns using wool and silk sourced from camel and goat hair, as well as palm fronds. This was more than a craft, it was a way of life, a self-sufficient community creating their own tapestry of existence.

The heartbeat of the village resonates from the Barizah tent, a common space where the Bedouins gather at night. Here, around the campfire, they cook bread and brew Kahwa (coffee), accompanied by melodies. It shows the visitors a calm life far away from the trappings of modernity like television, phones, and social media—where the spirit of relaxation and storytelling thrive.

In another corner, there is a space storing equipment of camel and cattle herders. Here there is the traditional well or ‘Albir’ where water is drawn using rope and bucket accompanied by ancient folk songs. The experience is not just visual, it's a sensory journey into the heart of Omani heritage.

Speaking about this unique venture, Hamad bin Saif al Shafai, one of the organisers of the Bedouin Village, expresses pride in the moving expo for what they offer to the community and the younger generation. "We have noticed a significant interest in the village, even from other nationalities," he said. The plan is to collaborate with schools across Oman, organizing visits for students to immerse themselves in their grandparents' heritage, learn the art of hospitality, and explore Omani products within the Bedouin environment.

The Bedouin Village is more than a cultural exhibit moving around Oman, it's a bridge connecting generations, a window into the past, and a testament to the resilience of traditions.

As the sun sets over the horizon, casting a warm glow on the tents and the faces of those who call this village home, it becomes evident that in the heart of tradition, a timeless story unfolds waiting to be discovered by those with a passion for culture and a thirst for the extraordinary in Oman.

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