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Traveling to Oman: Follow guidelines for a pleasant experience

ignorance of local rules can cost the traveler heavy fines, leading to moments of anxiety and stress
ignorance of local rules can cost the traveler heavy fines, leading to moments of anxiety and stress

Muscat: While visiting a foreign country, including the Sultanate of Oman, travelers must have a fair knowledge of local rules and laws to avoid unpleasant experiences at the point of arrival (airports or land checkpoints or ports).

At times, ignorance of such local rules can cost the traveler heavy fines, and short or long-duration confinement, leading to moments of anxiety and stress and having a wrong impression of the destination.

Royal Oman Police's Customs Department has launched a guide to benefit travelers coming into the country, which includes the list of prohibited and restricted materials and goods that are exempted from Customs Tax.

Items exempted from Customs Tax

The Items exempted from Customs Tax are film projectors and accessories, video cameras (personal use), portable musical instruments,

mobile phones, TV and receivers, baby strollers, chairs and strollers for people with special needs, computer and mobile printers, clothes and personal items, personal jewelry, personal sports equipment, and personal use medications

The conditions for exemption from customs tax are that luggage and gifts must be personal, their value shall not exceed RO300, and they must not be for commercial purposes. The permitted number of cigarettes is 400 while the permitted quantity of alcoholic beverages is not more than four litres. The quantity of portable electronic cigarettes should not exceed two per person. The traveler must be at least 18 years old.

Restricted Goods

Restricted goods: These are goods whose import or export is restricted with the approval of other parties

The items that are allowed to enter after obtaining approval from the competent authorities include medicines, drugs, equipment, devices, medical machines, live animals, plants, fertilizers, pesticides, publications, media products, MAG: transmitters and wireless devices (drones) and beauty and personal care products

Prohibited goods

Prohibited goods are goods that the Sultanate of Oman prohibits importing or exporting as per the Unified Customs Law. These include weapons of all kinds, narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, explosives, goods that conceal their true nature - such as sticks containing spears or swords - rifles, pistols, and children's toys with weapons, tools, and clothing similar to military clothing, riflescopes and nightscopes, tasers, and natural ivory.


The traveler must disclose to the customs officer when entering or leaving the Sultanate of Oman, cash amounts and financial instruments negotiable to the bearer, such as money, cheques, securities, stocks, payment orders, precious metals, gold, diamonds, and precious stones whose value is RO6,000 and or more or its equivalent in other currencies. Failure to declare can expose the traveler to legal accountability. The customs declaration can be submitted via the website:

Words of caution.

Oman Customs has cautioned travelers and warned them not to receive or carry bags or luggage from unknown persons in a country, The other tips include: Do not exchange travel luggage with friends in good faith without checking its contents, do not hide cash and valuables and do not hesitate to disclose if it reaches the specified disclosure limit), provide proof of the legality of possession of some of the goods.

It also urged to follow the instructions issued by airlines and shipping companies. Check the laws in force related to prevention and restrictions before travel. Follow the instructions and instructions of the customs officer at the airport. Report the presence of prohibited or restricted items in other travelers.


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