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Wadi Afoul is Oman's serene gem


Oman’s most famous natural spots namely Snake Canyon, Jabal Shams, and others need no introduction. However, there is another jaw-dropping spot called Wadi Afoul in Salalah.

Though not very popular, this is one of Oman’s fascinating beaches hidden among the high mountains.

Wadi Afoul is located to the west of Al Mughsail beach in the Governorate of Dhofar.

The road leading to it is rough to some extent due to the rocky nature of the area. Therefore, visitors need a 4WD to reach the beach. At some points it would be tricky to turn around and, near the end, it is necessary to drive up a very steep hill to get to the beach. The wadi entrance can be found by turning directly off the new highway nearby.

The captivating view of the beach and the calmness of it is worth the trip. It is unique for its crystal-clear turquoise waters and pure white sand where many visitors liken it to Hawaii and its unique blue beaches.

What makes the beach more amazing are the high green mountains surrounding it and the cotton clouds on top of them making a pleasing scenery to the beholder. Considered a truly dramatic cove the spot is surrounded by steep vertical cliffs. Visitors can spot the beach from the highway above taking a look from coordinates 16.878322, 53.752928.

The beach is a mixture of fine white sand and pebbles, with the typical clear blue waters.

Visitors of Wadi Afoul Beach highly recommend it for an extraordinary camping experience for adventurers and camping lovers. The beach is very quiet and secluded which makes it perfect for relaxation.

It is also a perfect spot to practice a solo session with Mother Nature. A clean wide space where one can isolate oneself and enjoy the astonishing view which revitalises the body and mind.

Such a place only needs a paved road so it becomes easily reachable as well as basic facilities and services to make the experience even more comfortable for the visitors.

Photos by Afifa Al Hashim

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